Wednesday Whereabouts + Our Favorite Beach Towels are on Sale!

School’s out for the summer!  On the last day of school, right before bedtime, we went back to the girls’ school and snapped some pics of them in front of the school sign in their pjs.  They loved it!  Lots of kisses to all of their amazing teachers this year!  We attended a few end-of-year pool parties to celebrate!

Hanging out with my favorite pup (after Boozer, of course), sweet Dexter. // Scalloped Swim Top
Getting my baby fix with one of my favorite baby girls!
How cute are these cupcakes my friend made??
Snuggle time with Vaughn never gets old.
I mentioned earlier this week that we cleaned out our garage.  We found all sorts of things, including these beach chairs I got the girls when they were little.  So happy the kids still love them now, as much as they did then!  Unfortunately, they don’t carry them anymore, but I did find these cute adirondack chairs that I love too!
They also found their box of Read-Along CD books that I normally carry in my car.
 On Monday night, it poured!  Logan insisted on going on a golf cart ride after dinner…in the rain.  I normally would’ve said no, but we still went anyway and had the BEST one-on-one time, and actually managed to stay pretty dry.
I explained on Instagram yesterday that after dropping off a few of the kids at a beach camp, that I locked my keys in my car.  I tried AAA, but they said that it would take them three hours to get there.  I phoned a locksmith in town and he told me 15-20 minutes…well, that turned into TWO HOURS.  Thankfully, Vaughn was a trooper while we waited by my car.  I had planned on knocking out laundry and housework while the kids were at camp, but after this happened, Vaughn and I decided to go out to lunch instead.
Wheeler is having an awesome time at her camp this week!  Yesterday was ‘Crazy Hat Day’ and she sported her favorite fedora.  Notice she’s wearing my favorite new Lilly print, Out to Sea (also available here).

Clearly, Effie is having an awesome time at her beach camp too!
Even if you don’t watch America’s Got Talent, you must watch this clip from last night.  So good!
We’ve been using these hooded beach towels for my kids since they were little.  I always get them monogrammed, and the quality is awesome!  These make great gifts too.  They’re currently on sale and today only, shipping is free with code: FREESHIP.
You know me and my love for Jacks.  These sparkle ones are on sale, today only!
I still have a few of you emailing about what I use to treat my hair in the summer.  Every time I get out of the shower, I add this Moroccan Oil to my hair, before I blow-dry it.  It works wonders, not to mention it smells amazing!
Also, some of you asked about my SunnyLife Speaker & Radio that we use at the pool almost every time we go, and if you can plug your phone up to it, or if it’s just a radio.  You open it up and connect your iPhone to it.  Whatever playlist or song you want to play, it plays through the speakers.  What I love most is that it’s water-resistant, so I’m not constantly worrying about my phone getting wet inside of it.  Trust me, you will love it!
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. I've been following your blog for a few months now. My favorite is when you mix more reasonably priced pieces with a lot of your more expensive (read: out of my price range) items. I feel like you've been recommended more inexpensive pieces recently and I appreciate that and have purchased a few.

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