Wednesday Whereabouts: Mountains and Mother’s Day

My keyboard is finally fixed!  Here’s what we’ve been up to…

On Friday, we headed up to the mountains with friends for the weekend.
Their house was perfection, and exactly what we needed.  Relaxation and fresh air.
 L and their daughter are one week apart, and had the best time in each other’s company!
Wine at night, and fun guns and excursions by day.  A great trip!
 We did lots of exploring too.
 Sweet brothers, holding hands.
The blessing. 
We then celebrated Mother’s Day at my parents’ new house on Sunday, which we loved by the way!
 We were missing a couple of families, but still had a wonderful time.
 We also celebrated my mom’s birthday, which was also on Mother’s Day.
Their new backyard view.
 And THE perfect place for outdoor entertaining. Beats their old porch any day.
 The girls didn’t want to leave…
 …especially when they found this box, that entertained them for hours.
Thanks for cutting out windows, Daddy!
 Had the best time celebrating my Mama.  She deserves it!
 Little V had his six-month appointment on Monday.  He’s a whopping 22lbs, 12oz!  BIG, happy, sweet baby.  He currently grabs and chews anything in sight, and can roll everywhere.  I have a feeling crawling will come soon.  And there are no teeth in sight, which has made these last six months a breeze…just saying a prayer that they don’t all decide to come in at once!
 My sister-in-law was in town this week.  We celebrated the hubs’ mother on Tuesday night, and cooked dinner for her.  W is currently obsessed with Memory…and is surprisingly really good at it.  We normally wait until after L goes to bed, because if we don’t, this is what happens.
While snapping a photo of W’s braid, so she could see what it looked like, little L wanted to be just like his big sis and pose too.  Love little moments like this!

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  1. Love the log home that yall stayed in!! Stunning. Your parents outdoor space? Perfection! W's braid is adorable!!

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