Wednesday Whereabouts: Mother’s Day Weekend

Talk about a fun weekend!  The weather was absolutely beautiful, we had no major plans and we really took time to focus on us, as a family.  That’s all I wanted for Mother’s Day.

The girls are wearing these super cute suits.  I’m wearing these sunnies, this new bikini top, paired with these bottoms.  You know how I love mixing and matching my suits.

I need to frame this pic!  13 months apart.  The sweetest brothers!  Wearing these swim trunks and these hats (now on sale!).

Wishing now that Logan was in this pic!  Next time!

Vaughn – my 5-year old little heartbreaker.  Wearing this swingy tank and this hat.

My girls!  17 months apart and as close as ever!  Wheeler’s wearing this cover-up and Effie’s wearing this oneTheir unicorn flip flops I got for them for Key West are still going strong.

Woke up to these cuties on Mother’s Day.  They crowded around me early Sunday morning, eagerly waiting for me to open their gifts!

I’ll always cherish these years of handmade cards and special beaded necklaces and trinkets so much!  The look in their eyes when you open their special gift they’ve worked so hard on, is like no other.  Vaughn asked me if Lanier and I would get married again, so I could get to wear his special necklace he made, at our wedding.  Wearing this tee.

Off to church!  Girls’ Dresses // Girls’ Shoes // Boys’ Shirts // My Dress // Earrings // Sunnies

Twinning in our matching rose gold Jacks – For Me // For The Girls

Love the crisp fabric of this dress so much!  Received so many compliments on it that day.

We headed out for another boat day on Sunday afternoon!

How cute are their suits?  Wheeler’s Suit is actually a two-piece with a bikini top under her rashguard.  Effie’s suit is a one-piece.

Lanier and the boys were matching too.  Couldn’t resist!  Lanier’s Swimsuit // Boys’ Rashguard Sets

I forgot to get a pic with the girls, but here’s my suit that matched theirs.  The bottoms have great coverage!  Sunnies

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, filled with many memories!  Love this little life we’re living so much!  I pray they stay as sweet as they are now!

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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