Wednesday Whereabouts + More Shopbop Spring Sale Faves

I hope y’all have been having a great week!  I’m back to eating regular foods now after my cleanse, and it’s been going well.  I thought my system would be rocked when I re-introduced coffee and solids again, but it’s honestly been fine.  My goal is to keep the weight off and tone it up.  After being on a week cleanse, it sure makes you grateful for every single bite of delicious food.  I had salmon last night, and savored all of it super slowly. // Kate Spade Tumbler

Rosé Ring + Lavender Nails = LOVE

Last week, I tried out an infrared sauna in town, during my cleanse, and absolutely loved it!  Heading back there again soon.

Picked up these beaded bracelets while I was there.  You can find similar ones here.

Last week, the girls had Career Day at school.  They could choose to wear whatever career they wanted.  Effie chose a police woman and Wheeler chose a teacher because teachers get to wear whatever they want (she really just wanted to wear her new dress).  And then she changed it again, to a vet, because she wanted to bring her new puppy to school.

 Visiting the inlaws last weekend.  Effie with her cute little cousin.

We had dinner at my parents too.  Vaughn was helping my dad with the burgers (in reality, he just wanted to keep stealing cheese slices).

Wheeler with her sweet cousin.

 So I got this cape last week, hoping that the girls could share it because they’re usually pretty good about sharing.  They were excited to take turns wearing it, but then they decided that it was way cooler if they were superheroes at the same time.  So needless to say, I’ll be getting another cape soon.

 Enjoying my one-on-one time with Vaughn on Tuesday.  The weather was warm and beautiful, so we sat and threw rocks and shells into the water.  His favorite.

Logan making his sweet friend smile.  He loves babies!
With the weather being as wishy-washy as expected for this time of year, whenever we get warm weather, we’re outside.  We spent four hours here on Tuesday!

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday was yesterday, so Wheeler got to wear something wacky for “Wacky Wednesday.”  She put this ensemble together, and I must say that I’m impressed!
Effie couldn’t handle it that Wheeler got to wear something so fun to school.  As soon as we got home, she ran inside and came out wearing this, ready to strike a pose.

Happy girl in her cute new top!  Her smile just radiates!

Love the sweet details on this Mini Boden Bunny Dress I just got the girls.  This one is selling out super quickly.  Nordstrom only has the pink version available and there’s only one size left.  I did find it at Mini Boden too, but this color combo has completely sold out.  But the pink version is available in all sizes.  Can’t believe Easter is only a few weeks away this year!

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  1. My one button fleece wrap cardigans that you highlighted a few days ago just arrived and they are perfect! I rely on you now for shopping…HA! I'm not a Carolina fan but the Caroline Blue is the PERFECT color for spring!

  2. Wheeler looks cute in her new top but she looks OLDER! She can't grow up yet! As a Mom of an almost 17 year old and an almost 14 year old, I noticed that pictures make them look older than I see them.;-)

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