Wednesday Whereabouts + Loving Lately

Girls’ Shoes (Grey, Pink) // Girls’ Socks
The girls started tennis lessons last week.  Who needs nice courts at this age, right?
When they show me some skills, I may upgrade.
 I took the kids to Lazy 5 Ranch last week, and they had a blast!  Not scared at all.  The girls wanted to take all the animals home with them!  The boys were pretty happy watching from afar, in the backseat (with the windows rolled up).  Pretty incredible experience!
It was a hot day, but so worth it!
 My parents treated W and I to dinner last Saturday, and then we headed to see Broadway’s The Lion King.  Had the best time!  A week later, W is still raving about it!
 We celebrated Labor Day at my in-laws (Grammy and Poppy, to the kids).
Awaiting her dessert…Strawberry Shortcake!
 Little V was worn out…
 E, in her latest get-up.  One of her last days of relaxing at home, before school started that week.
The girls met their teachers last Tuesday, at their Open House.
Growing up way too fast!
 So thankful that E doesn’t have school on Fridays just yet!
 This past Friday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday…and played with my nieces and nephews and sisters (Sister #6 of the 6, on the right)…in cardboard boxes.  Cheap thrills!
 I thought my parents’ idea of playing Bingo was a little ambitious for these young ones, but they enjoyed it…especially when they won!
 On Saturday night, we had the best time at the in-laws, cheering on the Dawgs!  What a win!
And how could we forget little L, and his obsession with trucks, cars and machines.  There aren’t enough hours in the day, for him to stare at these beasts.
Loving Lately
I know I’ve blogged about how much I love this tote bag in the past, but the little pouch would go so well with it, or even just carrying it alone.
I know I’ve posted about this ring in a Polyvore outfit before, well, now I’m loving it even more…currently on sale.
$68, from $135!
I instagrammed this necklace I purchased from J.Crew earlier this summer, when it went on sale (now sold out).  I just knew it would be perfect for fall…well, so did Baublebar.  It just premiered for the first time today.  Get one before it’s gone, and at only a fraction of the cost of the J.Crew version.
I’ve always absolutely LOVED my Clarisonic face brush.  I use it about three times each week, and can tell a huge difference in my face, when I use it.
Well, shame on me, but for as long as I’ve had it (at least a year), I’ve never replaced the brush head.  I know, I know, they say to replace it every 3 months or so, but I just never did.  It never really looked that dirty to me.  Well, after I was browsing Birchbox, and saw that they carried the refills, I knew I probably needed one at that point.  So last week, when it came in, I took the old brush head off, and there was all this dirt inside of my Clarisonic.  Pretty gross, actually.  So…after some sterilizing, I now have a new brush head, and plan to replace it more often.
Lesson learned.
Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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  1. Looks like it has been a fun week! Your children are just precious! Adore the back to school dresses…I miss the days of matching my four!

    I love my Clarisonic too! You can get the replacement brushes at Ulta for 20% off twice a year with their coupon. I always stock up then since my two daughters have Clarisonics as well.

  2. Awwww I love this post, your two daughters looks so cute going back to school! I like how you dress them so adorable! Looks like y'all had a fun summer! 🙂

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