Wednesday Whereabouts: Long Live Summer + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Details

Summer’s rolling right along and we’re loving every minute of it!  Yesterday, we hit up Beardcats after camp.  One of the kids’ fave places.  Their gelato is the best!  I sadly lost my navy hat on the boat two weekends ago, so the one I’m wearing is my replacement.

I hate procrastinating on my runs.  Not only is it that much hotter later in the day, I always like to knock it out early to get a jumpstart on my day.


Showing their age.  Vaughn’s looking skeptical because he couldn’t understand why Logan was saying he was only 1.  We had to tell him to check his other hand too.

Another hat I’m loving is this one that I wore last week on the 4th.

On Friday, I got some long overdue tennis in.  Felt so good to get back on the court. // Tumbler

Afterward, my friend Lindsey and I headed over to Two Blokes for some good beer and a yummy food truck.

After more tennis on Saturday morning…

…we headed out on a boat day.  The weather forecasted storms, but only about a 30% chance, so we attempted it.  Well, we spent about an hour out on the beach before a huge storm hit and lasted for over an hour.  It was insane! // Bikini Top // Sunnies

Afterward, I think we were all just extra thankful to be alive.

My greeters after my run the other day.

Logan will be 7 in September and has yet to lose either of his front teeth.  It’ll be a sad day when that happens, so I’ve been trying to take as many pics of him with this baby teeth in tact as I can!

Effie’s new glasses came in and she loves them!  Her prescription changed a little at her last check-up and her old pair had a scratch, so she was excited to get to pick out a few new pairs.

On Monday, the kids headed off to beach camp over on Sullivan’s Island.  They look forward to this camp every single year. // Effie’s Suit with Coverup // Logan’s Rashguard Set // Wheeler’s Suit // Vaughn’s Trunks

Having the best time, as always!  The weather’s been in the low 80s with a breeze.  Can’t complain.

Playdates all summer long.

Wheeler taught her first impromptu art class the other day.  And naturally, she chose a pineapple as her first pic.  Could her sweet friends’ smile be any cuter??

I usually go about five weeks in between my hair colorings, but this time I stretched it to six weeks.  Never again.  Haha.

Wore this comfy maxi dress.  I’m 5’6″ and can wear flats with it.  This is one of the ones I included in yesterday’s post of my top twelve summer dresses.  In case you missed it, head back here.

Dress // Crossbody (sold out almost everywhere, but found it here) // Sunnies

Nordstrom’s HUGE Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow if you have early access and I’m so excited!  Cannot wait to check out what all will be marked down this year!  If you’re not familiar with the sale, it is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year!  Most of the products that will be marked down will be brand new items.  The prices will go back up on August 5th.  Be sure and check back here daily where I’ll be sharing all of my favorites from every section; women’s, men’s, kids, beauty, you name it!  Trust me, it’s pretty overwhelming when you see how much there is marked down out there, but I’ll narrow down your search with the top picks, so stay tuned!

If there’s one thing I can recommend, it’s get early access to the sale.  Early Access starts tomorrow on the 12th, but you’ll have to wait until July 20th if you don’t have it.  Lots of items sell out pretty quickly on the first day of the early access sale, so you’ll miss it if you don’t have early access.  Yes, sometimes some of the items are restocked, but you never know which ones.  Better be safe than sorry though, and be ready to shop the sale early.  Here’s an example: The first day of the early access sale, my favorite Tory Burch flip flops were majorly marked down last year.  They sold out within two hours and were never restocked.  To earn early access to the sale, head over here for details.  And if anything, get the card during the sale to gain early access and you can always cancel it when the sale is over.  I know a few people that do that.  Pretty smart.

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  1. I’m loving all of your running pics/posts! It’s getting me motivated to get back at it after this baby is born. Can’t wait to see your pics for the Nordy Anniversary Sale!

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