Wednesday Whereabouts: It’s December!

This past week has been wonderful!  It’s been so fun to ring in December and the holiday season!  I apologize to those of you who follow me on Instagram, some of these are repeaters!  I’m sweetsouthernprep on Instagram, if you’d like to follow me.  You also should be able to click on the Instagram image on my sidebar, to take you there, if that’s easier for you…

My sister, #4 of the 6, came in town from Asheville, for a concert last week, and FINALLY got to meet V!
I love how happy L is at mealtime!
 Aunt Audrey (my sister-in-law) came by to visit last week, too, before heading back to Macon, GA.

The best part of the weekend for the girls, was having their Gigi and Grandaddy (my parents) take them to see The Polar Express at IMAX, and then explore the Christmas decorations uptown…

I think they spoiled the girls, just a little bit…those are doughnut holes and ice cream from 
Rock Bottom.

The girls wanted Gigi to take so many pictures of them, next to the decorations.  Here they are re-creating the statue next to them.
And while the girls were away, the boys had some chill time at home with me.
 Hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: It’s December!

  1. Hi Ashley! I thought I'd say hi and tell you how much I love your blog! I stumbled across it about a year ago and have kept up with you ever since! We seem to have a lot of similarities…my name is Ashley, I used to work for Lilly Pulitzer (and have an obsession) and I also write a blog for fun called sweetsouthernnecessity! Anyways just thought I'd "introduce" myself and tell you what a cute blog you have (and your kids are adorable)!

  2. I love the picture of E and W trying to recreate the statue–that is so cute! It looks like your family has really gotten into the Christmas spirit!

    P.S. I'm hosting a ThomasKelly giveaway for a pair of their preppy workout pants, so make sure you stop by and check it out!

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