Wednesday Whereabouts: It’s a Bird…

It’s a plane…no, it’s SANTA!  Today, my mother-in-law invited myself and the kids over to the country club to meet Santa.  And when I say it was awesome!  It really was just that…AWESOME!

Here’s the evening in photos…

Happy boy!

They had no idea what was about to arrive, and definitely skeptical.

The dot in the distance.
Hey Santa!

Okay, so maybe we stood just a little too close…
there was junk flying everywhere, when the helicopter landed.
W and E were definitely a little freaked out at this point.

E’s favorite thing to do…run around on the golf course.

Just two…didn’t want to push E.

A grand entrance, with a grand exit…Santa rode away on a firetruck, escorted by police on motorcycles…sirens blaring!  Definitely a fun event!
P.S. The kids were wiped…all in bed, ASLEEP, by 6:30!  Time for my glass of wine.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: It’s a Bird…

  1. So cute! Your kiddos are just so stinkin' adorable! I love their little expressions!

    & I'm obsessed with the coat– how cute is that???

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