Wednesday Whereabouts + Halloween Activities by Perri + An OOTD

As I posted about last week, I attended Diner en Blanc last Thursday night.  In case you missed the post, check it out here. // Dress // Wedges // Necklace // Rice Beads as a Bracelet // Tassel Earrings
 The next day, we headed down to Georgia to visit family.  Their cousins were so excited to see them!  
 Albeit the mosquitoes around, we spent lots of time outside.  The weather was beautiful! // Girls’ Nightgowns
 When we got to their great grandmother’s house, I had to snap a pic.  Matching in their red shirts.
 Cousin Love!  Surprised we didn’t break that swing!
 On Sunday morning, we went to visit their other great-grandmother.  She was so happy to see them!
 While we there, we picked some persimmons and brought a bunch home.
 Group hug!
 Wheeler (7) // Effie (6 next month) // Logan (4) // Vaughn (3 in TWO DAYS!!)

 One day, they’ll be spread all over doing all sorts of after-school activities.  For now, I’m so thankful they can do activities together, and I can capture pics like this!  Maybe one day I can get them all to look at the same time! // Girls’ Dresses // Effie’s Shoes // Wheeler’s Sandals
The boys had their Fall Break on Monday and Tuesday.  They loved playing at the park!
Halloween Activities by Perri
So, there’s this little place my friend Perri Stilp (aka Perri Poppins) owns and runs called Camp Perri.  If you live in town, she runs summer camps here.  She also hosts birthday parties, weekly camps and even afternoon camps, as well.  To say she stays busy is an understatement…but she wouldn’t want it any other way.  Her love of children and the activities, crafts, songs and imaginative play she creates with them is magical!  If you ever get the chance to let your child experience it, you definitely should!  My children love attending her classes – enough that the girls get so jealous when they’ve found out the boys have been to her and they didn’t get to go.
 She recently moved to a new location and is currently in the process of decorating it.
I love how open the space is!
With each season, she decorates the place accordingly.  The toys and manipulatives the children can play with changes based on the holiday.
To give you a little sampling of some of the activities, Perri was so kind to share some of them with y’all.  Here’s hoping you can create these with your little ones over the holidays!
Freaked Out Pepper
(super simple!)
Dish Soap
Put water and pepper in a bowl.
Put a dab of soap on your finger and see what happens!

Wizards & Muggles
6-8 Spoons (one per kid)
6-8 Clear Cups (one per kid)
Food Coloring
Baking Soda
Distilled Vinegar
Tray or Cookie Sheet (for under the cups)
Put a drop of food coloring onto a spoon.
Cover the food coloring with baking soda.
Fill all but one of the glasses halfway with water.
Fill the other glass halfway with distilled vinegar.
To contain the overflow of the baking soda mixture, place the cups onto a cookie sheet.
Each child stirs their spoonful of baking soda into a cup.
The children with the colored water are muggles.
The child with the fizzy concoction is a wizard!
Witch’s Brew
Clean Glass Jar
White Vinegar (half a jars worth)
Dawn Soap (just a dash)
Baking Soda (a teaspoon is quite enough)
Food Coloring
Add baking soda to your jar.
Squirt in food coloring.
Slowly pour in vinegar.
Gently stir.
Add a pinch of glitter and even googly eyes to your jar.
The Aftermath!
Haunted Halloween “Candy” Houses
My children loved creating these, as I’m sure your kids will too!
The challenge is actually putting the candy on the houses, instead of all of it in their mouths!
Graham Crackers
Assorted Candy
Halloween Peeps
8″ Cardboard Cake Base or Plate
Make the house ahead of time so the icing can dry.
Squeeze on the icing and let the children start decorating.
This icing is the best kind to use.
 I love this before and after shot!
Aren’t they the cutest?
For more info on classes at Camp Perri, check it out here.
For up to date happenings, check out her Instagram page!

So after I tried this sweatshirt on yesterday, I’m so glad I did!  If I’d ordered it online, I would probably have gone with a small.  After trying it on, the sleeves fit a little weird in the small, but they were just right in a medium.  So maybe consider going up a size in this one?  It’s meant to fit on the looser side, and I love it!  Super snuggly and soft!

Yesterday’s OOTD

These are the clogs I mentioned on yesterday’s post.  I gave them a run around town yesterday running errands, and had no problems.  No breaking in required.  For sizing, I’m an 8.5 and went up to a 9 in them.  Also wearing these jeans (true to size), this top, this ring and this wrap bracelet.
Don’t you love Wheeler’s Olaf pumpkin she painted?  Effie made one too.  They crack me up!
Oh, and the yellow crossbody I’m wearing has now sold out, but as I mentioned yesterday, they have it in this hot pink color right now.  Since I had a minute, I stopped into J.Crew to see it for myself and I fell in love.  I just love the shape of my yellow one so much that I got the pink too, especially that it’s on sale.  25% off with code: SALETREAT.
I should’ve included this on my Loving Lately post yesterday, but this Joie Cardigan that was once $458 has now been marked down to $179.  Currently available in all sizes.  Based on the size guide and reviews, I’d say that it runs true to size.
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. Lots to love here – adore the image in the swing with all of the children – so cute, and can't wait to make a Halloween house – so fun and messy in the best way!!

  2. Hi Ashley! Are the DV clogs you have the saddle or cinnamon color? The colors look pretty similar online and just wanted to confirm. Love your blog! Thanks!

  3. Hi Ashley! Are your DV clogs the saddle or cinnamon color? Just wanting to confirm as the colors look similar online. Love the blog- thanks!

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