Wednesday Whereabouts: Halloween and E’s 4th Birthday Party

 My mother-in-law, Grammy, with the kiddos.
 Love that my sister (#3 of the 6) joins us every Halloween to help us trick-or-treat!
My father-in-law, Poppy, with L.

 E’s 4th Birthday Party – Fairies, Princesses and Pirates Welcome!
More photos of E’s birthday coming soon. My battery died, so the rest are on the hubs’ iPhone.
Happy Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Halloween and E’s 4th Birthday Party

  1. Love all their Halloween costumes- I can't get over little V in that elephant costume- too cute! Love the theme for E's 4th birthday- such a good idea!

  2. Adorable pictures! I might have to steal your b-day party theme so that my daughter can have a princess party without alienating her boy friends! Little V's elephant costume is too cute! Who makes it?

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