Wednesday Whereabouts: Disney Re-Cap 2014

These were the professional photos from the trip.  It was definitely hard narrowing them down.  Obviously, my favorites were the ones of the girls hugging the characters.  So magical for them.
We were so very grateful to have the opportunity to do this with the girls.
Truly, a trip we will never forget!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Disney Re-Cap 2014

  1. Your photos of W and E with the characters are so adorable! It looks like you had an amazing holiday!


  2. The pictures of the girls hugging the characters are so sweet! You can tell the excitement in their faces! We are going in 3 weeks for the first time with our 9,6, and 4 year old, and I am so looking forward to it! I was wondering what do you wear under your jcrew layering tanks? I got some in the mail yesterday and didn't realize how low they are.Duh!

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