Wednesday Whereabouts: Denim at Nordstrom

Have any of you tried to shop for clothes for your significant other?  I attempted it a few weeks ago because the hubs wanted a new pair of jeans, since his were starting to get holes in them.  Yes, the distressed look is on-trend right now, but not exactly for men, and not in the places on his jeans where holes are supposed to be.  As y’all know already, I’m a huge fan of Nordstrom.  So as soon as the hubs asked about getting some new denim, I knew exactly where I wanted to shop.  Honestly though, I’ve never even been in the men’s department at Nordstrom.  While I love shopping in the other departments, the hubs usually shops for himself.
About the hubs as a shopper:  He has his go-to designers and tends to order the same styles in different prints.  When he decides to shop, he rarely goes shopping for just one item.  When he gets the urge to shop, he’ll buy a few pieces at once.  He wears suits during the day, but when he’s not working he goes for a more comfortable, laid-back style – casual and cool.  You’ll always find him in his Rainbow flip flops, jeans or shorts and a long sleeve usually plaid oxford, untucked.
Since his previous few pairs of jeans have been wearing out more quickly than usual, I offered to shop for him, so he could get a good quality pair of jeans (or two) that would last him a long time.  He normally wears lighter washed denim, but I thought darker denim would be a good change, more appropriate for more occasions.  I had to explain that they would be a little more expensive than the denim he’s used to, but the quality would be so much better, and the feel of the denim would be so much softer and more comfortable.
So with this, I walked into Nordstrom and explained everything to the Nordstrom Denim Specialist.  The first thing I noticed was that the Men’s Denim Section was extremely organized.  The Specialist knew exactly what he was talking about, and went straight for the stacks of jeans and designers, pulling out perfect styles based on the hubs’  description I gave him.  When I walked in I was worried I’d be overwhelmed, especially having the boys with me, but it ended up being a smooth and pleasant experience.  And the best part?  The hubs loved what I picked out for him!
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P. S. His jeans and shirt are both on sale!

More Men’s Denim I’m Loving…

Many of you may not live near a Nordstrom, but remember Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, so if you order a pair or two and they don’t work, you can always send them back and return/exchange them for another pair.  The Nordstrom Denim Shop online is also a world of knowledge, offering sections to shop jeans by fit (relaxed, bootcut, straight, etc.), even a section to explain brand-specific fits.  Check it out here.
This post was brought to you by Nordstrom.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Denim at Nordstrom

  1. Ha! Perfect timing. My brother just texted me asking me to pick out jeans for him as he was desperate for a new pair. In his texts he kept emphasizing "durability"… finally I asked him why he kept mentioning that he wanted a pair of jeans that would last "at least a year." Apparently he had bent over at work this morning and his J.Crew jeans had split in the butt area! Poor guy. haha these are great recs.

  2. I love his poses and your explanation of his shopping process. It sounds just like my fiancé! I always think it's fun to shop with guys and see how approach shopping differently than most women do. He usually sticks to JCrew but we'll have to get to Nordstrom.

  3. Glad you had a good experience! I worked in the Nordstrom women's jeans department for several months and have so much respect for that place… they REALLY train you how to be excellent at customer service. It is a fabulous company.


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