Wednesday Whereabouts: Christmas Re-Cap

What a blessing our Christmas was this year!  The best part?  All of the children were well!
Since many of my sisters were in town, we went to the church service that we grew up going to, on Christmas Eve. // Little Vaughn here with Effie’s donkey hat.  That was her character in the nativity play.  She got to choose from an angel, star, shepherd, but she chose a donkey.  
Singing Silent Light during the service while we passed the light.
Logan was determine to take this little sheep home with him.
Love her! // Dress: Elizabeth McKay Scotland (Love the fit on this one!  I’m a 4/6 and the 6 fit the best for me.)
Wheeler’s Card to Santa
Dear Santa, I really hope you bring us presents.  Love, Wheeler
Wheeler’s letter to Snowflake, our Scout Elf
Dear Snowflake, I hope you come next time.  Tell Santa that I have been good.  Love, Wheeler
 Since we had no Christmas Eve plans that night, we all changed into our pjs after the service.  The weather was miserable, cold and rainy, so we knew we weren’t going to get back out in it. // Ugg Slippers // J.Crew Plaid PJs (These were restocked! Currently available in all sizes!  On sale, plus an additional 40% off with code: STYLE2015, making them $42.) // Kate Spade Polka Dot Champagne Flute
Since I was little, we’ve had a hanging stocking tradition.  Each year on Christmas Eve, each one of my sisters and I would take turns standing in front of the fireplace while my dad would video us and ask us questions, like “What’s your favorite color? Do you have a boyfriend? What school do you go to? What did you do that was fun this year?”  Then we each would sing a Christmas song.  We seriously still kept this tradition going even after I was married.  Lanier was a huge fan.  Ha.  After we were all finished, we would sing Merry Christmas as a family.  My sisters and I still love going back through old videos and watching them.  Some of our answers were hilarious, and if you know our family, the peanut gallery was quite entertaining.  Let’s just say my mom and dad had to stop recording at times because of what was said or how we were acting.  Makes me laugh just thinking about it!  Since Wheeler was little, we’ve continued the tradition with our family, and the kids love it!  Such a great memory to have!
On Christmas Eve night, we all snuggled in and watched a Christmas movie before bed.  Wheeler was so eager to go to sleep so Santa could come!
Since Lanier and I had finished wrapping presents earlier, we enjoyed a late dinner and watched The Family Stone.  One of my all-time favorites!
The girls were most excited about FINALLY getting their Frozen Dresses from Santa!  Like they stopped mid-unwrapping so they could put them on.
Boozer wasn’t so sure about his new friend.  He honestly thought he was real! // Melissa & Doug Boston Terrier (on sale)
Around 11am, we headed out to my parents’ for Christmas lunch with my sisters.  This was when my terrible migraine started, so unfortunately this sweet pic of Vaughn was the only one I captured on Christmas Day at their house.
In Logan’s bed that night.  His new cars he got for Christmas, mixed in with his usuals. // His Construction Site Bedding
Each year, Santa always brings a family gift that everyone has to share.  Santa hides it somewhere in the house, and the kids have to go and look for it.  Santa did this for my sisters and I growing up too.  I guess with me not feeling well, and us heading out to our parents for the afternoon, we totally forgot to remind the kids to go and look for it.  So the next day while we were cleaning up, Lanier acted like it had been behind the Christmas Tree the whole time, we must’ve just missed it.  No idea why Effie has no pants on here.  I guess she was in the middle of changing into one of her costumes.  But when the girls opened the karaoke machine (now on sale under $50), she shouted, “Look! A washing machine!”  We all cracked up laughing.  That girl!  But I will say it does look like one on the outside of the box.  They love singing with it, but we need to get more cds to go with it.  It only comes with one basic one.  I just ordered this Frozen Karaoke CD and another microphone, so they can sing together.
 The Panthers won this past Sunday, so we’re in the play-offs!  This Saturday’s game will be so much fun to watch!
We were just a little excited about the win!
 Now that Christmas is over, it’s been so nice to have time to chill this week.  I love having all of this time with the kids at home.  I’m seriously going to miss them once school starts back on Monday!
Yesterday, we went to a trampoline park that has obstacles called Defy Gravity.  The boys and Effie have been a few times, but this was Wheeler’s first time.  Loved how determined she was to try and complete each obstacle.
Lanier says he thinks I enjoy this place as much as they do.  I think he’s right.
Milkshakes are always a good idea!
And Mater’s Tall Tales after lunch.  I think they’ve seen it at least a hundred times.
Happy New Year’s Eve!