Wednesday Whereabouts: Celebrating Our Dads

This past weekend, my sister came in town which meant getting more time to spend with my sweet nephew!  While all of mine napped on Saturday, my sister and I headed out to shop for my dad, his birthday is on the 11th. // Lilly Pulitzer Top (sold out, but I love this one)
That same morning, I received these Jack Rogers Sandals.  Cannot WAIT to style these for a game day!  Did you know they have a whole section of College and Sorority Colors with lots of team color combos?  Stay tuned for Saturday’s post!
On Saturday evening, we headed over to my inlaws’ house to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday.  The sweet little baby in the sailboat outfit is my nephew.
He’ll be a year old next month.
This is my in-laws’ backyard.  My father-in-law’s hobby is gardening.  Can you tell?
The way Logan and Vaughn love books, I don’t think they’d ever stop bringing books to the reader.  In this case, it was their Poppy.

 My dad’s birthday is on the 11th.  Since some of my sisters were in town this past weekend, we decided to celebrate it on Sunday afternoon after church.  We’re missing some babies, a few husbands and Sister #4!  Still a large crowd to say the least!
Opening his gift from me – Moonshine Cologne that he wanted.  Notice Effie in the background – trying to balance a plastic spoon on her nose!
I so wish I could share the video here – HILARIOUS!
 The sister that couldn’t make the trip for my dad’s birthday this past weekend lives in Nashville.  Since we couldn’t make her son’s first birthday, I mailed him a little outfit – and you know I couldn’t leave out his big sister!  They love their camo.  Both the onesie and hooded jacket are from Old Navy (on sale, plus use code: SAVEMORE for an additional percentage off).
 In other BIG news…Wheeler got in the car after school on Monday and had something to show me.  She’d lost her FIRST tooth!!
Still can’t believe it!
If only I could show you how he walks in these little rain boots.  It’s the cutest thing!  Picture a very slow shuffle.  His little plaid Jon-Jon used to be Lanier’s when he was little, by Imp Originals.  His boots are by Pluie Pluie that were hand-me-downs from Logan.  I found them on Zulily last year for a great deal.
As I was leaving Wheeler’s classroom the other morning after dropping her off, I looked up and saw this picture.  How accessorized is she??  The braids are definitely my favorite!
I hope y’all are having a great week!  It’s been looking like rain for the past two days, but the clouds haven’t opened up yet, thank goodness!  The cooler weather has sure been nice.  Fall is coming!
And I think I found the perfect pair of distressed jeans for when it arrives.
Happy Wednesday!

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