Wednesday Whereabouts + Boys’ Spring Steals

Two weekends ago, the girls had the best time at a Princess Tea Party.  They had a chance to meet many princesses, play and dance with ribbons, make crafts, eat princess food and even get princess tattoos.
 More photos from E’s Songfest.
 We had a wonderful time celebrating my husband’s grandmother’s 100th birthday!  The weather report said it was to storm all Saturday but thankfully the rain stayed away.
The children here with their cousin (my sister-in-law)’s son.
How beautiful is she?  So hard to believe that she’s 100!
I hated that it was such a short trip.  Hope to see everyone again soon!
That evening at my husband’s other grandmother’s house, a friend of hers stopped to visit.  They were on their way back from a competition.  Luckily for us, they let us visit with their horses – Super, Hawk and Martini!
 We loved it!
 Last week we met the hubs after work.  Doughnut Sundae anyone?
Upon our arrival home from southern Georgia, little V was just not himself.  He didn’t sleep much on Sunday night, so I took him in to the doctor on Monday morning.  Turns out he had a double ear infection.
Antibiotics did the trick!  Happy baby again!
An everyday occurrence.  The girls always enjoy playing dress-up and perfecting their poses and performances.
This photo melts my heart.  My oldest carrying my youngest.
As promised, here’s what I’m loving in the boys department lately…
I love these for L.  Elastic seems to work best for him right now.
He has all three of the ones featured above.
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The total of all three outfits (3 pants, 3 tops) with 30% off is only: $63.  Can’t beat that!
For my girls’ favorites lately, click here.
Happy Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts + Boys’ Spring Steals

  1. What wonderful pictures!! Where are the girls' Easter dresses from? They are beautiful! And I cannot believe how great your grandmother in law looks at 100! My great grandmother lived to 103 – here's to your beautiful grandmother in law surpassing that!

  2. Aaaw, you have no idea how I love your girls' blue dresses!
    I love that they love dressing up!
    And that princess tea party is so lovely!

  3. Great pictures and adventures! I can't believe your husband's grandmother is 100! She is luminous. Glad little V is better. He is such a cutie!

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