Wednesday Whereabouts + A Black, Classic One-Piece You Need

This weekend flew by, as always.  My friends and I headed out to an event on Saturday night at The Skinny Dip.  It’s a new store that recently opened up on King Street, and I’ve been meaning to visit.  There’s also one in Nantucket.  If you stop in, be sure and head upstairs to the bar and grab yourself a frosé (a frozen rosé) and shop around.  They even have a little spot out back upstairs to sip and enjoy the weather.  I loved everything the store carried.  Lots of designers are little pop-ups that stick around for about six months and then they switch many of them out, so everything stays fresh and current.

How cool is that octopus mural that Sam Malpass of Badway Creative painted during the event?  So impressed!

It’s hard to see here, but the ring I’m wearing I bought that night.  It’s a gold ring with a tourmaline citrine stone.  My white Charleston Rice Beads I’m wearing as a bracelet are also carried at the store too.  And how amazing are all of these clutches?  Sara, part owner of The Skinny Dip, has her own line of bags called Beau & Ro.

As I mentioned before, the other location is in Nantucket.  I’ve always had a love for Nantucket ever since I stayed there one summer in college, babysitting a family I regularly sat for in Charlotte.  I’ve been dying to get back ever since.  One day, I’ll finally convince Lanier to make the trip!  So as soon as I saw the permit clutch that night, I knew I had to have it.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Nantucket or have vacationed there, then you already know this, but in order to drive on many of the beaches there, you have to have this sticker on the back of your car.  I still remember always having to let air out of our tires before heading out to Great Point.  Love that this clutch can be a cross body too.  Check out more brands carried at The Skinny Dip’s here.

After the event, we headed to The Ordinary for delicious oysters.

One of my besties from Charlotte, Melissa, was staying out at Kiawah with her husband over the weekend.  I was so excited that she came downtown that night to meet up and hang out!  One of these days I’m going to convince her family to move here!

What I Wore

Received so many compliments wearing this dress.  I’m wearing a small.  It runs a little big, I think I could’ve almost done an XS, but the small was fine.  The fabric feels amazing too. // Ring

A beautiful day for church on Sunday morning.  I had some of you ask for details in my Instastories on what the children were wearing.  Vaughn’s shirt (that he unbuttoned at the collar – boys, haha) is Little English, Effie and Wheeler’s dresses are both by Anavini and Logan’s polo is Beaufort Bonnet Company and his madras shorts are hand-me-downs from the Gap.

Excited to try all of these new products.  I’ll report back on them.  Happily taking the Anthelios Broad Spectrum SPF60 with me on my trip.  I’ve always loved Anthelios, but this is supposedly the newest formula and it’s ultra light, so we’ll see how it goes!  Has anyone tried Vichy 89?  I’ve heard great reviews, but haven’t tried it myself yet.

We had plans to take the boat pretty far out on Sunday after church to do some deep sea fishing, but the sea levels were just too high.  This is the first time we’d taken the boat out to this blue bridge where the paper mill is.  I was surprised it didn’t smell as strong as it usually does when we drive over the bridge in our car.

One thing’s for sure, Logan loves to fish.  Unfortunately, nothing was biting on Sunday, but we still had a great time.

Sure going to miss this crew while we’re gone!

This swimsuit came in for my upcoming trip and I cannot wait to wear it!  It’s padded, sucks you in all the right places and has great rear coverage.  Trust me, you will love it.  Available here and here.  It fits true to size.

I’ve had some of you email asking more about this dress I wore last week.  Yes, it’s pretty much the exact same style as the Tavvy Cover-Up that came out a few months ago.  Only for this one, they added a liner (making it a dress, and not a cover-up, and it’s not see-through at all) and they removed the sleeves.  Both perfect revisions in my opinion.  For fit, it runs a tad bit big, but I still went with a small.  Love the fun, summery flowy fit.

I’m really tempted to try out the new Dyson Hair Dryer.  I mean it’s pretty expensive, so there must be a good reason.  I wonder how much faster it dries your hair and if it truly protects it from damage as much as it claims.  I’m currently using a cheapie right now, since I left my good hair dryer in Sanibel.  It’s the only thing I left, so I’ll count that as a win.  Would love any opinions if you’ve tried it.

I posted a little later in the morning yesterday, so in case you missed my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I shared my top picks.  It took awhile to narrow it down to just these, but these were my absolute favorites!  Click here for more details on each pick.

Fitbit Alta HR // Kendra Scott Earrings // Sandals // Necklace // Body Polish // Flip Flops // Pink PJs // Black Off the Shoulder Top // Bose Speaker // Perfume // Luxe Throw // Hair Dryer // Pink/Rose Gold Ring

To shop my most recent looks, check them out here.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Why did you have to let the air out of your tires? And why couldn’t you go out far because of high sea levels? So many questions. ? I’m from Chicago/Midwest. Not for long though, we’re moving to FL. Can’t wait. I want that hair dryer now too, you blog is becoming an expensive habit. ??? But I appreciate the recommendations.

    1. Haha! I guess I should’ve said “let the air down” not “out.” I guess because it protects the beaches or makes it easier to drive on the beach? I’m not sure. Good question though! The weather adjustment from Chicago to Florida will be awesome! Good luck on the move!

  2. I bought the Dyson a few months ago and love it! It dries quickly, is light to hold and my hair seems less damaged. My mom and sister tried mine and loved it too.

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