Wednesday Whereabouts

Last Thursday, we headed to Spartanburg to celebrate my grandfather’s 92nd birthday!

5 of the 6 sisters were able to make it.  I swear my grandfather smiles!  He says he’s afraid his dentures will fall out if he smiles too long…hence the serious face in his pictures.

Wheeler loving the fact that she’s old enough to hold a baby standing up.

With my niece, sweet Maggie.

My mom (bottom left) with her siblings.

After our three-hour drive to Spartanburg, we headed on to Charlotte to stay with my parents for the weekend.

Always good to be home.  Girls are wearing these rompers.

I gave my mom this hook game for Mother’s Day and she installed it while we were there.  Wheeler was addicted.

Window box goals at my parents’ house.

Just love spending time with my newest nieces and nephews so much!

With my nephew Luke.  I swear I’ve never heard him cry.  Just the sweetest!

I get lots of questions on whether or not these earrings are heavy.  I was a little hesitant at first, but now love them and don’t feel like they’re that heavy at all!

My nephew Bo and his fabulous photobombs.

He wouldn’t stop.  But we loved it!

Wearing this shirt, these shorts, these sandals, this bag and these earrings.

Pool Day!

Girls are wearing these suits.

Boys are wearing these.

How cute is this monogram?

Loving these colors and told y’all they make great gifts!  The two peach ones were gifts.  Ordered my kelly green one here.

Wearing this suit and these sunnies.

My beautiful Mama.

Wore this comfy, eyelet dress to church on Sunday – a little swingy which I love!  The boys’ shirts are currently on sale.

With my Daddy.  Got him the shirt he’s wearing for Father’s Day.  Goes great with his eyes!

Wheeler was so proud of her shirt she made with my mom, for her beloved Baba.

After Monday’s running post, I had some of you ask if I wear sunglasses on my runs.  I don’t.  I usually wear a hat.  This one has been on repeat lately.

The kids have tennis camp this week and have had a blast!  Thankfully, the weather has been beautiful and clear, so they’ve been able to attend everyday so far.  I can’t say the same for the past two weeks.  Thankful I picked this week.

After the first day of camp, I quickly realized my kids had all grown out of their tennis shoes.  Seeing as they hadn’t wore theirs much this summer, I hadn’t noticed.  Needless to say, we made a trip to get new ones for all four, and they’re all set! Pink/Silver/Grey/Navy Makes me sad to see how big their feet are growing…

My pineapple dress is now on sale and under $100!  Fits true to size.

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!