Wednesday Whereabouts

What a summer break it’s been so far!  Aside from a recent stomach bug the past two days, we’ve had a great time!  Lots of time spent with friends and endless pool days!  Thankful my girls still play with Barbies, so they can be used to cover up my mid-section here.  Haha. || Wearing this bikini top and these sunnies.  If you’re in need of a great bottle to carry anything chilled, I’m loving this purple one.  It’s shimmery and so is my white cup!  I know it’s a little late, but if you’re need of a Father’s Day gift, this Yeti Cooler above is it.  Love how structured it it, it’s the perfect size for the pool and the shoulder strap is a great length!

Wheeler and I enjoying my friend Natalie’s yummy lunch poolside!  As always, she whips up the best dishes!  I’ll never forget her tomato pie she made when we first moved here, my ultimate fave!  A little known fact, we actually went to the same high school growing up.  She was a grade above me.

It’s always fun to see our kids playing…especially when they’re matching!  Hate we didn’t get a pic of Effie and Sterling.  Best buds!

The boys are still enjoying their teeball games!  Didn’t realize how often they would get to play.  They have games every Monday and Wednesday night through the month of June!

Our tennis team had a going away party/round robin for one of our friends last week.  Someone made these super easy, super tasty appetizers.  You know how that’s how I roll.  The simpler, the better.  I re-created them for a dinner party last Saturday night.

My latest favorite rosé!  You can find it at Whole Foods.  Dry and not too sweet.

Still loving these kicks so much!  After a few days off, it was nice to get back out again today.

While the kids and I really wanted to make it to the pool last week, the weather wasn’t cooperating, but my friend Caycee and I made the best of it!

Wore this new cover-up!  Obsessed with the sailboats!  Also, I’m loving the size of this little ‘Beach Bum’ pouch.  It’s waterproof too, so it’s great for the pool/beach.

On rainy days, sometimes video games are necessary.  And it makes it even more fun when we can all play them together!  Mario Kart x 4!  Basically, I got a Nintendo Switch for my birthday last year, and the kids took it over until I finally wanted my turn.

More comfy pjs for you!  Can’t say it enough, but they seriously are the softest ones I own.  If my entire pajama drawer were filled with only these, I’d be a happy mama.  I get asked a lot about the sizing of these.  So I feel like they fit pretty true to size, but I always go up a size since I know I’m going to dry them in the dryer.  They shrink a little the first time, but after that, you’re good.  These make great gifts too!

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  You don’t realize how much you take healthy days for granted, until you get knocked down with an illness.  So grateful mine only lasted a few days!  Saying prayers that the kiddos don’t get it!

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  1. Hi, these are great photos and a fun post! Can you please provide info about the cute orange and purple snack bowls in the second picture? Thank you!

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