Wednesday Whereabouts

My youngest sister (Sister #6) is getting married later this year.  On Saturday night, we celebrated with friends and families at a fiesta-themed party.

How cute is this idea?

I wore this dress to the party, paired with this bracelet, these shoes and these earrings.

I also got to snuggle my little niece again and my newest nephew!  How sweet are they?

Vive Le Mére Tee – translates to ‘Long Live the Mother’ (would make a great Mother’s Day gift!)

Effie with sweet Maggie.

Going neon for Mexico!  The neon coral color I picked out is Allure.

So this happened to my window yesterday.  Could’ve been worse and nothing was stolen, thankfully.  A big utility truck was parked next to me.  Thinking they somehow hit it with their rear view window.  It was closed in when I parked my car, thinking maybe when they popped out their big window, it hit mine and busted it.  Who knows.  Either way, they fled the scene.  One more thing to do deal with before our trip.  But again, looking at the bright side here, it could’ve been worse.  I’m also very grateful for all of the people (at least five) who at different times came up and asked me if I needed help while I waited for the cop to arrive.

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  Wheeler has her performance at school with a few speaking parts.  I know she’ll do great!  Can’t wait to watch!