Wednesday Whereabouts

We got back in town on Saturday, and we didn’t miss a beat.  Lanier and I headed out that night for a date night and fun with friends.

Wearing this dress.  Available in this floral print that I own too.  Love this style so much!

Our first stop was over at Gentry Bar for a Toyota event and bourbon tasting.  The guy in the middle is Olin, the bartender at Gentry Bar.

A lot of y’all mentioned on my Instastories that JD had lost some weight, was without his signature bowtie and growing a beard.  All so true!  Maybe it’s his new look!  If you’re familiar with Sermet’s, Gentry Bar took over the place on King Street and I love the new set up.  Much more airy and open.

After the event, we headed to Juliet, the new spot where Butcher & Bee used to be.  It’s really good, but pretty loud.  Definitely not an intimate setting, if you’re looking for that.  But the food was delicious and we were with eight people, so we were probably loud enough on our own anyway.

Y’all would not believe the weather we had on Sunday morning.  68 degrees, no humidity and a cool crisp breeze!  The first thing we did was go bike riding.  And it was so cool that I got to wear my new sweatshirt.  I know I’ve talked about it before, but it seriously has the softest lining!  My shorts are old, but they’re this style.

Later that morning we headed out on the boat to hang out with friends on the beach.  Wheeler is obsessed with her cast net and practices her casting skills all the time.

After about a month of traveling here and there, we’re finally here for a full week.  The kiddos are in a beach camp on Sullivan’s Island that they’re loving and I’m getting some time for me to get organized!

The camps lets out early afternoon, so we’ve been using the time to run some fun errands.  Yes, even the grocery store is fun for them since they rarely get to go.  I usually order my groceries via express, where I order them and go pick them up.  A true godsend.  But every once in awhile I like when they go with me, so they can give me new ideas of what they want for snacks and meals.

Enjoying an ice cream scoop at Beardcats (under Obstinate Daughter).  One of their favorite spots!

We enjoyed talking to this lady the day we were there.  She comes over once a week from Wild Olive (over on John’s Island) to make cookies for Beardcats.  How delicious do they look?

Some of y’all wanted more details about my juice cleanse that I mentioned on yesterday’s post.  Lanier and I are both doing a 3-day juice cleanse from Blend Juice Bar on Coleman Blvd.  We’ve done it a few times and really like it.  There are five drinks a day for beginners.  Two Februarys ago I did it for seven days straight, without even coffee!  I still don’t know how I lasted that long.  Three days seems so long to me.  But today is our last day!  Woohoo!

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  I’ve got a big to-do list after I drop off the kids today.  Hoping I can knock most of it out!  I played my first tennis match of the season last night and had the best time!  I missed it this summer and am so happy it’s back!

I was perusing J.Crew’s New Arrivals and fell in love with this top!  How pretty is the blue and the cutest bow detail?  I have a feeling this one won’t last long!

The reviews on this top are great too.  I love a good toss-on shirt and this one is on sale for only $29.70!  Comes in light pink too.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared my latest favorites from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale – less than one week left, before prices go back up.  Head back here to check it out!  Don’t forget, you can shop all of my favorites from each category on my sidebar.

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!