Wednesday Whereabouts

We are having the best beach week so far!  I’m so grateful to get to spend an entire week with my parents and all five of my sisters!  Some of you asked if we’re all staying in the same house.  We are and wouldn’t want it any other way.  For one thing, we love playing games and we wouldn’t be able to play past the kids’ bedtimes if we all stayed in different places on vacation. // Wearing this tank, these shorts and these sunnies.

Vaughn with his Grandaddy.

All twelve grandchildren, all in order.  I had some of you ask if I’d share all the names.  Here you go:  Wheeler, Winston, Effie, Logan, Elle, Raleigh, Vaughn, Mary Blake, Wilson, Bo, Charlie and Knox.

Wearing this dress again.  Really wish they’d come out with it in solid colors too.  Love the A-line swingy fit and the fabric is incredibly soft.

Of all the sisters Anna and I are the closest in age, 16 months apart. // Bikini Top // Sunnies

I’ve captured so many great pics this week!  My favorite is when they say, “Mama, look!  Take a picture of this!”

Always a favorite when we’re at Ocean Isle, Sunset Slush!

My girls. // Loving this cover-up, on sale too!

A view from the top.  Watching them play Mother May I?

My mom had all six of us in 9 1/2 years.

The kids were all just a little bit excited when one of their uncles arrived yesterday!

They’re seriously growing up way too fast!  My sweet Effie V.  // Bikini Top (on sale!) // Sunnies

Kind of obsessed with these new sunnies!  How fun are they?  Take 20% off my Turkish towel here with code: SSP20.

When you only have  so much room on the hammock…

I have been wearing this wrap cover-up non-stop.  Love that you can wear it so many different ways.

Top (on sale) // Cutoffs // Opal Ring // Coil Ring // Navy Necklace (as a bracelet) // Gold Bracelet

I hope y’all are having a great week!  We’ve got a few more days here and then we’re heading back home for the remainder of the summer.  Hard to believe that school starts back in less than a month!


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  1. Have a great time with your Mom + Dad and family. Special times together for sure.

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