Wednesday Whereabouts

First and foremost, my family’s rat terrier Jack, turned 14 last Friday!  He has been the constant animal in our lives for awhile now, and finally got to become an inside pet after our golden retriever Toby passed away a few years back.  He and Toby were constant companions, and Jack always warmed his wee little body up on Toby’s thick pelt (even on the snowiest of days).  Well, that and then he got heart worm a year or two ago, so he had to stay inside.  Although it was a scary disease, it was a blessing in disguise.  Right, Jack?
Jonathan Adler Mustache Mug (found HERE, HERE and HERE)
This past week was what I called Family Camp.  With the rainy weather, everyday I had to think of a new adventure (aka an excuse to get out of the house), since the pool wasn’t an option.
 The children got so stir-crazy that W started creating make-believe games on diaper boxes.
E’s Nightgown (Mini Boden, old, but I LOVE this one) // V’s Pajamas Magnolia Baby Cowboys // L’s Carter Frog PJs
But I sure love how close my kiddos are.  I always pray that they stay this close, even into adulthood.
It started pouring on our way to an interactive library here in town.  We all rain for shelter, but that didn’t stop W.  She wanted to keep playing in the rain.  Finally, I had to yell for her to come in!
She laughed the entire time!  Cheap thrills!
L’s Hanna Andersson Pajamas (old, similar HERE)
Poor Boozer, sad he’s missing out on some yummy ice cream!
I cherish summertime!

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