Wednesday Whereabouts

 E is finishing up her soccer season this weekend.  It was entertaining to say the least!  I think we celebrated the most when she finally made contact with the ball…once.  Yes, once.
So soccer may not be her calling, but it was worth a shot!
Maybe cheerleading will be next?
 Her cute little team was so much fun to watch, with a lot of very talented girls.
Go Blueberries!
 This past weekend couldn’t have been more enjoyable.  The weather was beautiful and we got to celebrate my Mama (Gigi to the kids), both for Mother’s Day and for her birthday!  You may recognize a similar look from this post.  If you missed it, here are the links: necklace (only $18) // dress (similar here and here) // sandals // watch.
 I received the sweetest little gifts from the girls for Mother’s Day!
 I’m so grateful to be enjoying motherhood as much I am.
Photo from Sunday morning.
 My dad “Grandaddy” with V
 Group Hug!
The boys love these.  Can you tell?
 W hasn’t requested a fishtail in awhile.  Good thing I had some time before school started.

 Love how loving and affectionate my children are towards one another.
I hope this continues forever!
 Yesterday was a bit crazy, as we had W’s End of Year Picnic and then directly after I had to get the girls changed into their recital costumes for their photos and dress rehearsal at dance.  FYI, I’ve had some readers/instagrammers ask about my Turkish Towels (Design Darling || $29).
The girls are big fans of their Fairtytale Princess costumes.
Absolutely loving my latest Kate Spade goodies I ordered last week.
The back is just as cute!
Not sure if you caught Tuesday’s blog post, but I featured these pretty Gap Clutches.  Now they’re currently 40% off the sale price with code: TREAT at checkout.  Only $16!
Just a sweet little reminder that time flies.  Cherish every moment you can.
A little nostalgic on this sunny Wednesday when I came across this photo of little V’s tiny feet when he was only about a week old.
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. Ashley, I love that you say ' I'm so grateful to be enjoying motherhood as much I am.' Its such a hard job to be a mother sometimes, and its easy to feel like things were so much simpler way back when. I try to remind myself every day to feel grateful to be a mother and to have happy, healthy children.

  2. Love these photos!! The dance photos even made me super excited to be having a girl soon (after two sweet sweet boys I've been really nervous about having a girl). You make mothering 4 seem like a breeze!

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