Wednesday Whereabouts + 167 Raw + A Pink Cape You Want Now, Only $34!

Some of you have noticed, but last week I decided to go a little lighter, and I love it! 
 The children had the best time at Camp Perri making s’mores with all of their buddies.  How cute are the little S’mores Bins she created for each child?  I had someone ask if the children love their Patagonia Down Sweater Jackets as much as I love mine, and the answer is yes, they do!  Super lightweight, but very insulating at the same time.  Effie isn’t wearing hers.  She chewed a hole in the collar, so I’m having to return it so they’ll repair it.  My newest one is Logan’s in the Peppergrass color.  Ordered it from Zappos, and it arrived in two days!

Visiting with one of my favorite little baby girls!  Such a perk when I have friends with little babies, I can get my fix!
 Posted this outfit in a collage last week here, but here it is in person…

Bobeau Cardigan (on sale for $39.90 – a seriously cozy wrap cardigan!) // Black Tee (on sale) // Jeans (similar here) // Tory Burch Revas // Houndstooth Scarf (only $16.99) // Pineapple Studs
Last week, I started up tennis again.  After playing, a celebratory lunch was necessary.  We picked Taco Boy!  The girls didn’t have school on Thursday or Friday last week for teacher workdays, so we had fun going on different outings!

 Oh, how they look so sweet with a baby girl!  They’d do so well with another sister!
Last Thursday night, some of my girlfriends and I hit up 167 Raw.
If you haven’t been to 167 Raw in Charleston yet, you must visit!  They also have one in Nantucket, as well.
Just a heads up that it’s a pretty quaint spot, like very limited seating.  Check out the photo above from their website.  Tiny, but I love venues likes this.  Also, they don’t take reservations.  Luckily, my four friends and I timed it just right, walked in and there were four seats open directly in front of us at the bar.
Not only are the oysters absolutely delicious, the staff is extremely knowledgeable about how each one will taste from different regions.  I chose a sort of sampler platter, so I could try a few different oysters from different regions.
Many customers swear by the lobster roll and love their guacamole.  I’ll definitely be trying those next time!
Both of these wines were a favorite that night.  Went so well with my meal.
I’ll definitely be back again soon!  Love it there!

Friday brought pouring rain, but thankfully it stopped in the afternoon. // Kate Spade Umbrella (also available here)

 I’ve got to start keeping Logan out of Vaughn’s dresser.  He pulled this one out the other day and begged to wear it.  A tad small, don’t you think?  But it was a battle I didn’t mind losing.
 Rainy day activities.  My kids have had these blocks since Wheeler was probably 2.  Still a winner!
 My neighbor gave her some lipstick, and I don’t like it!  She’s a beauty, but looks way too old!  She obviously loved it.
 I wish I could take credit for these, but my creative neighbor made these with the girls last week.  Such a cute idea!
 As I mentioned last week that I’ve been cleaning out.  Wheeler saw that I’d found her Ratatouille Cookbook and went through and bookmarked her favorites.  She and Lanier made these cute creations from it on their day off on Monday.
On King Street, I started walking up to this black/white stripe sign and knew almost immediately that it must be a Sephora!
 It’ll be here in less than two months.  Can’t wait!

 Vaughn and I met up with my friend, Natalie and her daughter Frances Moon, at Butcher & Bee yesterday for lunch.  The Mushroom Dip was heavenly!
An OOTD from last week…

Cardigan (old, exact same style here, just different buttons) // Jeans // Flats // Tee // Pineapple Necklace

How perfect is this pink cape?  It’s on sale right now for only $34.80, and it’s reversible!

It also comes in this pretty deep blue combo, as well.
And since we’re talking capes, love this one too.  A little on the thin side, nothing that’s going to keep you too warm.  Priced at $48, it’s a perfect layer to toss on over any t-shirt to freshen up your look.  7 colors available.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ooooh, I must try 167 Raw when I visit Charleston for the Southern C Summit in April, looks delicious! Always loving getting a glimpse into life with your sweet babes and LOVE that cape! Very festive for Valentine's Day!

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