Wednesday Whereabouts

Happy Girl!  Dropping her off at school last week.  I am so thankful that after the move Wheeler has adjusted so well.  Her school before the move was pretty awesome, so her next school had to meet some pretty high expectations.  I can safely say they exceeded them.  She is thriving and learning more than I ever thought she would in kindergarten.  Can’t wait for Effie to start this Fall!
 Her class has been waiting for their praying mantises to hatch.  They finally did, and each student got to bring home ten of them.  Now they can kill off some of our mosquito population!
 On Saturday, the weather was beautiful so we went fishing with my parents.
 Searching for turtles.

The girls’ dresses are by Pink Chicken NY.  I can’t find these particular ones online, but I love this one, and it’s currently 25% off with code: MAYSALE25.
Peering through the slats at the water below.
Vaughn’s souvenirs he carried around with him the whole time.

Pink For the Derby
According to Wheeler, sparklers are always a good idea!
 When Effie was 2, she slipped in the bathtub and bumped and chipped her two front teeth.  After taking her to the dentist then, they said everything would be fine and that the fibers in her gums would tighten the teeth back in place.  And they did just that.  She went back to eating whole apples, carrots, etc. until recently.  She had her routine check-up about a month ago and they noticed that her teeth were starting to get wiggly, which was normal, but they were worried that they were also starting to abscess so they thought extraction was the best way to go.  I wasn’t taking any chances of abscesses or root canals so she got them pulled last week and did an amazing job at being so brave.  I was one proud mama!  And seriously, how cute does she look with her sweet little gap??

Twinning in their matching Little Lilly Shifts and gaps!
 The boys and their love for this frog at the aquarium is pretty serious.  They always greet him with hugs and kisses and high fives when they arrive. // Logan’s Striped Polo is now on sale.
 Trying to give “Josh,” their name for Coretta the Turtle, a high five.
 This close to a live pelican!
Begging for their supper and flying the coop!

The weather this week has been beautiful and WARM, so we’ve definitely taken advantage of it with lots of pool time!

Riding her pretend horse, while watching the sunset.  Wearing her “Boozer” pjs from Old Navy.  The top is on sale for $5 and the bottoms are $7!

 Water Baby. // Her bikini is now on sale.

Matching for Cinco de Mayo yesterday afternoon.  I’m still impressed with Logan for taking such a non-blurry pic! // My tunic and Wheeler’s cover-up are both currently on sale. // I still choose Crocs over flip-flops for the kids at the pool.  I feel like there’s less of a chance for them to trip or stub their toes when they’re wearing them.
As always, I hope this fabulous weather sticks around for a little while longer.  I think rain is coming later this week, so we’re definitely soaking up the sun while we can!
For all of you Elizabeth McKay Lovers, she just started her Spring Event.
Love this pretty green Scotland Wrap Dress for Spring!
Today’s OOTD

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

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  1. Hi! I'm so happy you all are adjusting well to your move! I teach in Charleston and am just curious where your adorable Wheeler goes to school. If you don't want to answer, I totally understand for privacy! Just interested where yall moved in charleston and if she attends private or public school. If you'd rather email me privately, that's great too!

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