Wedding Weekend: Part 1

We left super early from Charleston on Friday morning to make it to the Bridesmaid Luncheon.  Took about three hours to get into Charlotte.  Had about thirty minutes for a quick change and we were ready to go! || Wore these earrings and some of y’all asked about my lipstick.  Wore this in Bare Pink.

Ended up going with this dress and these accessories.  My necklace is the new Fall color of rice beads.  Love the grey so much!

The Bridesmaid Luncheon was held at The Duke Mansion in Charlotte.

Mary-Chase with her flower girls, her nieces.

My beautiful Mama and her six girls.  There are 9.5 years between myself and the youngest.  Left to right: 4 – 1 – 3 – 6 – 5 – 2

Always such a beautiful venue!

With my sweet niece, Elle.

My beautiful sister starting her wedding weekend off right!  Thanks for all the praises on this dress.  Absolutely LOVE it too!  Such a great fit and the price is just right.  May need to get it in another color too!  Wore these sunnies (found them on sale here).  I had originally picked these dresses the girls were going to wear on this occasion, but they unfortunately didn’t arrive in time.  But these worked out just fine!  You may remember them from Lanier’s cousin’s wedding back in the Spring.

Rehearsal Practice!

Wore this dress and these earrings.  Wearing this lipstick in Crush and had some of y’all ask about what I use to style my hair.  I use this and absolutely love it!  And to those who asked, yes, I styled my own hair all weekend.

Rehearsal Dinner was at The Suffolk Punch.  Such a great, open venue!

With my Daddy!

Groom’s Cake.  Four of us graduated from UNC, another NC State and the youngest a Gamecock.  Don’t know where my parents went wrong.  Only kidding!

All the sisters with their hubbies.

So…we should’ve timed this one better.  Haha!

More wedding weekend pics coming for you on Thursday!  I was so sick yesterday with a high fever and sore throat all day.  No strep, but some kind of virus.  Feeling a little better today.  Hoping tomorrow I’m back to 100%!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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  1. Love your hair! It looks like such a fun weekend. Are you able to link the product that you used to curl your hair?

    1. Just fixed it. Sorry about that. My Hair Story post can also be found on my sidebar with all the products I use and love!

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