We Finally Chose a Christmas Card!

Talk about procrastinating!  I honestly just ordered our Christmas cards two days ago.  Thankfully, I was able to rush order them and they’ll be here today, so I can stamp them and mail them off tomorrow.  Don’t you love the one we chose?  Haha, only kidding!

I’ve provided a graph below that shows shipping deadlines for you, from Minted.  You can also click here for more details.  And I for one think it’s totally okay if Christmas cards still arrive a few days after Christmas.

This year I ordered mine from Minted, and cannot wait to see the final product!  They have the best selection of cards!  I had the hardest time deciding which one went well with the picture I wanted this year.  There were just so many options I liked.  Below are just a few of my favorites.
**Click on cards to shop.**
If you’re still telling yourself that there’s no way you’ll be able to pull it together and get your Christmas cards ordered and mailed even before the new year, Minted has a great selection of New Year’s card too.  I have many friends that mail out New Year’s cards instead and I love it!  And that doesn’t mean they even have to arrive right around New Year’s Day.  Even if your friends and family receive your card 1-2 weeks after the new year, I don’t think anyone will honestly care.  I know how busy life can get around the holiday season, so having down time after the holidays to pick and choose a card sometimes just makes more sense.  And in most cases, yours will be extra special because it won’t get lost amidst the other Christmas cards.
Love these New Year’s cards…
Right now, recipient addressing is free at Minted.  And if you’re super organized with your addresses (I am not), and have a spreadsheet, then you can simply upload your spreadsheet and there you go.  Even if you’re not that organized, I thought it was fun typing in my addresses and getting to choose a fun font for them.  Minted also makes sure that your return address matches the font, as well.
Right now at Minted, all stationery and gifts are 20% off.  See below for shipping deadlines.  You can also click here for more shipping details.
Enjoy 15% off your holiday cards at Minted with code: WINTER15.
Order by today to have your cards arrive by Christmas Eve!
I hate doing this to you, but I’m not sharing our final product until Christmas Day.  I hate to make you wait that long, but honestly, it’s only 8 days away and it’s a fun surprise!  I always include all of our previous Christmas cards which I think is so fun too!
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!
Thank you to Minted for their partnership on this post!

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