VV Free Shipping!

We just got back from visiting my husband’s grandmothers in Georgia yesterday afternoon (photos to come on Wednesday).  Needless to say I’m getting everything back to normal before school starts this week.  Hope y’all are enjoying the day off, if you have it!  The hubs had to work some today, but we got to hang out this morning (peach pancakes!) and he’ll be home soon.

In case y’all are taking advantage of any of the President’s Day Weekend Sales out there, here’s a fun one.

Can’t go wrong with another Vineyard Vines Coozie to add to your collection (only $5)….
Or another pair of Vineyard Vines Croakies ($8.50).  They carry PINK now!
The best part?  Free shipping with code: FREESHIP!
Happy Monday, Y’all!

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