Tuesday Trends: Comfy Clothes – High & Low

So the other night, Lanier mentioned that he needed to get another pair of slippers.  I couldn’t have agreed with him more.  I gifted him a pair a few years ago for his birthday, and he wore them so much that let’s just say, I couldn’t even photograph them because they were that beat up.  Yesterday morning, he called after he’d gotten his haircut and said he was driving back into work.  I told him to stop over at Nordstrom and grab himself a new pair of slippers.
Y’all, he never shops, so when he agreed I knew then how much he wanted a new pair.  He got over there and tried to send me a few pics of which ones he liked but the phone service was bad so the pics weren’t going through.  He called me from the parking lot saying he’d come back another time when I could shop with him.  Since that’s rare that we’re both free at the same time, and the fact that he was that close to a store that sold good shoes, I told him to go back in.  This time though, I gave him specifics.  I told him to ask someone that worked there to get him a pair of Ugg Slippers, since I love mine.  And then I added that he should get himself a nice comfortable outfit to pair with it.  “Soft clothes” as one of my sister’s friends calls them.  I know he had no idea what I meant, but the specialists at Nordstrom are so good about figuring out exactly what you’re looking for that I knew they’d be able to help him out.
About fifteen minutes later he called saying he’d found a shirt, sweatpants and slippers.  Success!  He wore them last night after work, and they all fit great and looked super comfy.  Exactly what he’d wanted.  Since I couldn’t talk him into standing for a pic, here are the best photos I could get last night, while he was watching Monday Night Football.
*Click on items in images to shop, or links below.*

Comfy clothes at various price points.

Polo Camo Lounge Pants // Ugg Colton Lounge Pants (Nordstrom is price matching these right now) // James Perse Sweatpants
Deer Stags Slippers (right now Nordstrom is price matching, so they’re only $23.99) // Minnetonka Suede Moccasin (based on the reviews, these are big hits) // Ugg “Scuff” Slippers (these run true to size)
Remember too that Christmas will be here soon.  These would be great gifts to check off your list!
Hope y’all have a fabulous Tuesday!

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions and outfit choices are my own. 

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