Tulum Vacay: Part One

When my friend Eliza texted me while I was on my Turks and Caicos trip that she wanted to go on a tropical trip with me, I never imagined it’d be only two months later!

But my travel agent Jennifer hooked us up again.  And let me tell you, this trip was a dream!

I know it probably wasn’t ideal to travel in the midst of the holidays, but we made it work!  And we planned it so that we didn’t miss out on any of the children’s Christmas performances.

It was actually kind of fun and festive to travel over the holidays.

We stayed at Dreams Tulum and absolutely LOVED the space!

Greeted by delicious treats on our arrival!

Wore this dress, these earrings and these shoes on the first evening we were there!


We had Italian the first night and it was amazing!

Walking the beach at night.  Couldn’t be happier!


Lanier said this was probably his favorite experience.  Breakfast on the beach!

Wore this coverup that you could totally pull off as a dress, these flip flops and these sunnies.

We stayed on the top balcony.

Wore this maxi dress and these earrings.

Hibachi Dinner for Night Two!

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Fried ice cream!

Our balcony view for the evening fire show.

All in all, the first part of our trip was a major success!

Part Two and Part Three coming soon!  And I haven’t even shared our Christmas with you!  Told y’all, lots to catch you up on, but it’s all coming!

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  1. Hey! Just realizing your friend is, or was?, on Southern Charm! How cool 🙂 How’d you two meet? Small world I suppose! Looks like a nice time.

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