Tuesday Trends: Which Watch?

HELP!  Which do you like better?  I need opinions, please.  I finally decided on what to do with the rest of my leftover Christmas/Birthday money…get a new watch!  I loved all the different colored Michael Kors watches, but ultimately decided on a silver one, since many of the other colors I liked, but they had gold accents.  I figured the gold would ultimately clash with my wedding rings, so I went with silver.  The only problem now is, I’ve narrowed it down to two, but still cannot decide.  And if you help me, I can help you too.  I found out something AMAZING!  Promise.  Read on to find out more…

Okay, so here’s the deal…did you know that Nordstrom matches prices?  I noticed one day while online shopping that on every item, toward the bottom right of the page, it says:
“Did you know…

You’ll never pay more. At Nordstrom, we are committed to offering you the best possible prices. If you ever find one of our items priced lower somewhere else, please call 1-888-282-6060 and we will gladly meet that price.”

So I went on a hunt to find these watches a little less expensive and give it a shot.  Well, I found the $195 watch on Amazon.com for $158, and the one for $225 on Amazon.com for $169.  I called the number, and inquired more into how this worked, and they said if I found it on Amazon, as long as it was funded through Amazon, then it would most likely work.  Well…the lady put me on hold for a little while, and when she came back, she said they would both work, at that price!  So I ended up ordering both watches, and I guess I’ll decide once they get here, with your help.  What a deal?!  And the best part, I can return whichever I don’t want at the store, no questions asked.

Happy Shopping!  
And let me know if this works for you too!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Which Watch?

  1. Definitely the second one…I am deciding between the tortoise and silver watch for myself and it's making me lean toward that one now!

  2. Love the second one! I really like the band of the second one and the face of the other one… but overall, the second one! Don't have much time to blog today…but hopefully I'll get to it sometime! Love you!

  3. I don't know…I kind of like the first one because it's not as dressy. You can wear it more casually, but it's still really nice! You know? But, I also like the second one.

  4. I totally thought I commented on this. I'm losing my mind. Please forgive me! I like the second one, but I think it all depends on the size of your wrist. If you have a small wrist like me, I think the second one will look better. If you have an average size wrist, go with the first. I like both of them:) But I think I'm leaning more towards the second one!

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