My Top 10 Faves of 2014

On Thursday, I’ll be sharing more of my favorite things from the entire year, but today I wanted to share with you my TOP TEN LIST!  These are by far my favorite things that I’ve used the most over this past year.  These would all make great gifts for you, or someone you love.  In all honesty, it was so hard narrowing it down to ten, but after lots of time and thought, I finally dwindled it to down to the my absolute favorites!  Place an order today and it’s guaranteed to arrive before Christmas (except for the Clare V Leopard Clutches).
If you’ll notice with most of my OOTDs, this watch is included.  I wear it almost everyday.  While I do have other watches I wear too, this one is my go-to on most days of the year.  Available here and here.
I know I combined two here, but I really don’t use one without the other.  Love the Polar USA Band to track my calories and heart rate while I run.  On sale here, also available here.  And this armband has been my favorite go-to for over a year now.
While I love other designer shoes too, I really do love Tory Burch the most.  You can’t go wrong with her Revas, Carolines and/or Millers.  My all-time favorites!
If I have to grab something for a night out, a silk Elsa Top is my typical choice.  No matter the season, an Elsa looks great with any outfit.  While clothes come and go in my wardrobe, it’s rare that I ever sell an Elsa.  Over the years I’ve created quite the collection.
For the Fall/Winter, I’m constantly grabbing an Excursion Vest to go over whatever top I’m wearing.  J.Crew’s always fit just right, and each year I’m always anxious to see what prints and colors they’ll make.  As for their Chino Shorts, I think every one of my outfits in the summer months is paired with them.
Since we’re talking about chino shorts and summer.  I seriously use this tote all summer long, whether it be the beach or pool, I’m grabbing this to take with me.  You can have it personalized too.
7. Vitamix
I know I haven’t talked about this blender in awhile, but it still gets plenty of use at our house.  Lanier gave it to me last year for my birthday, and I’ve loved it ever since.  I make everything from smoothies to soup in it.  The thing that sold me is that you can take an entire canister of peanuts and pour them in the blender.  Blend it for a minute or two and you’ve got creamy peanut butter – no other ingredients added!  Pretty amazing, right?  And right now, it’s currently on sale!
While it’s no secret that I’ve got a thing for Kate Spade earrings, of all my fashion earrings, these Marmalade Studs are my favorites that I wear most often.  Trust me, the pics I use here never do them justice.  Would make great stocking stuffers too!  Currently on sale!
These necklaces that come in an array of colors are so easy to throw on with any outfit.  Love how they add that extra pop of color to anything I’m wearing.  Trust me, when you get your first one, you’ll be wondering what color to get next!  Also available here.
10. Clutches – Clare V vs. Gigi New York
I think this one is a tie.  I really do love my leopard Clare V clutch, just as much as my Gigi New York All-in-One-Bag.  
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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    1. I'll have to go look and see sometime. I had a few while I was pregnant because they made such great maternity tops for how flowy they are. But I sold most of them because they were mediums.

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