Tuesday Trends: My Favorite Kids’ Shoes + Boozer Love

Last week I took the girls shopping at Nordstrom for new shoes.  In case you missed it, check out our shopping experience here.  You can also see what shoes they picked, on sale.  While the boys would’ve had just as much fun with all the little amenities Nordstrom has to offer (the fish tank, the balloons, the tv, etc.), I went ahead and ordered some goodies for them instead.  Ordering always saves me time with little ones, and I can take as much time as I need to see if the clothes/shoes fit just right.  Love that Nordstrom makes it so easy to return items.  A lot of times I’ll even order two sizes and ship back the size that doesn’t fit.  Nordstrom also offers a sticker return label so there’s no printing required.  Just place the pre-paid return label on your box, and you’re good to go.
These New Balance Sneakers have always been my favorites for the kids.  The girls get them every year in pink, and the boys in grey.  Although, last year Wheeler chose grey to match her brothers, and now Effie wears them since Wheeler has since grown out of them.  The velcro across the top is key.  They’re super easy to put on, and no shoe-tying required.  The best part is that this year they’re included in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.  Now $29.90, but $44.95 after the sale is over.
I couldn’t resist getting the boy these Tucker + Tate Pajamas with little Boozers all over them.  Okay, they say they’re bulldogs, but I think they look more like Boston Terriers than bulldogs.
Currently $17.90, After Sale $28.
Vaughn is obsessed with Boozer.  He just wishes Boozer would stay still long enough to let him pet and hug him for longer than five seconds!
I think Boozer is thinking exactly what’s on Vaughn’s shirt…‘maybe if I’m really good, I’ll get a treat?’
If Effie had her way, she would carry Vaughn everywhere!
The girls wanted to have their picture taken after the boys got so much attention, and just before we changed the boys into some day clothes.  Sweet girls and growing up way too fast.
Their tops are Mini Boden.  Effie’s Flower (sale $18.76) // Wheeler’s Jellyfish (sale $20.10)  I also got them these shorts, this skirt and this top (only $8.98).
I’m still planning on ordering Logan some more shoes for school, during the sale, before the Anniversary Sale is over.  So nice that the sale lasts for such a long time!  Gives me time to shop without being too rushed.  Here are some other shoes that are still on my list of favorites…

Remember, the prices go back up on Monday, August 4th!

Yesterday, the children and I headed out to the Lazy 5 Ranch for the day.  Can’t wait to share more pics with you tomorrow on Wednesday’s Whereabouts!

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for theboys shoe recommendations- my son just started walking and still has small feet but I'm always looking to book mark ideas for the future!

  2. The second picture of the boys made my heart melt. Such a sweet picture of brotherly love. The girls are fab as always too!

  3. The cheeks on your youngest son are too cute (so pinchable- hopefully that doesnt weird…but as an Italian, thats a compliment 🙂 All of your children are so beautiful! Your photos/posts make me want to have a big family! 🙂

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