Tuesday Trends: Lilly’s Endless Summer Sale

The BEST sale of the year started this morning, and goes until the 25th.  If you shopped, how did you do?  What did you think?  One thing’s for sure, this year the sale ran so much smoother than last year!  No computer glitches or sites shutting down.  Such a pleasant shopping experience.  Kudos to all the Lilly workers for doing a wonderful job!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here!

Because the girls and I are pretty stocked up on Lilly’s Spring and Summer line, I was in search of more fall and winter pieces.  I ended up with these three dresses after today.  Yet, I still may shop more before the sale ends on Thursday…

Lilly Pulitzer Jillie Dress in Black
Was $328, Sale Price $39

I couldn’t decide between the black or blue Jillie dress,
so at this amazing price, I got BOTH!
Total saved on both dresses: $578!?

Lilly Pulitzer Jillie Dress in Sea Blue
Was $328, Sale Price $39

Lilly Pulitzer Jonah Dress in Iris
Was $168, Sale Price $69

Still have my eye on this one…

Lilly Pulitzer Connie Sweater Dress
Was $198, Sale Price $69

Another great thing is that there is free shipping…so that way you can continue placing orders throughout the three-day sale, without having to worry about shipping costs.

I’d love to know what you scored!  And if you posted about it, let me know, too!  Thanks!
Hope y’all have a wonderful Tuesday!

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Lilly’s Endless Summer Sale

  1. You are my shopping soul sister! I got the Jillie dress in daiquiri pink and the Connie Sweater Dress is sitting in my cart right now… I also grabbed the Wynne top in white. It's the most wonderful time of the year at Lilly! 😉

  2. I got the Jonah dress in Iris too — thought the color would work well into the fall. I had SO MUCH stuff in my cart and had to trim it back a bit. sale was so good this year and virtually none of the problems of last year.

  3. I got a few dresses and I'm sure I'll do a post soon. You got some good ones – smart of you to think for the fall!

  4. love your picks! I picked up a Blake dress for myself (the pink/yellow floral), a little lilly shift for my daughter in the beach club blue print, and a reef bathing suit for her as well in the green/pink floral. I had no issues with their site at all!

  5. I made out like a bandit today! I was happy with the ease this go round! I love the Jonah, I have one that I love and ordered the same one you did. I was really happy with the selection! I was able to snag several tops I'd been eyeing, plus a pair of wedges that were sold out at my local shop!


  6. Love that we picked the same dresses! Aren't they great! Oh Jillie how I love thee. Very curious if you have tried on the Connie? I almost got that one too, but when I saw it was wool I got nervous about the itch factor.

  7. Love reading your sweet blog! I too ordered the Jillie in black and the Connie sweater dress. Seems those were popular picks today 🙂

  8. Looks like you got some great pieces! I made out pretty well, I've missed out on pieces I loved in the past so I have learned to shop fast! I picked up some printed cardigans, roslyn skirts, a new shift, and polo! Can't wait, hope they ship as fast as they did last year 🙂

  9. Ok, so I got the Jillie too [in pink]. So did probably five of my friends. Seriously at first I thought the price was a typo and Lilly had messed up. Not even jokin. haha $39? Excuse me? That is WAY less than what I even got it at wholesale. I was just amazed. How could I pass it up? Will be perfect for Spring weddings next year post baby 🙂 Best $40 I could have spent today.

  10. 39 for that dress?!?! thats insane!

    you should get the connie sweater dress while you can…it sold out multiple times when it debuted last resort

  11. I think the Jillie was the hit of the sale this year (got mine in black for a wedding next month!). I am looking forward also to getting my Norma fleece wrap for the crisp Autumn days. Enjoy your steals & keep shopping!

  12. Thank you so much for your comment. I decided to forgo the Connie and my sweet husband surprised me by letting me get the franco in starry blue cherry bomb, and the Stephanie shift (which I think you have too lol). Though I pretty much have to wait until next year to enjoy these, I was over the moon with all this Lilly mine! I saw several people get the Jillie in two colors – my immediate reaction – “why didn’t I think of that!!”

    Enjoy your Lilly! xo

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