Tuesday Trends: Lilly Pulitzer on Rue La La

So last night there was a huge thunderstorm here, with severe winds.  Thankfully, we didn’t lose power or any trees, but everywhere else around here it seems didn’t have as good of luck.  One bonus, the hubs’ office building was without power today, so he used the time to prepare our garden for the spring and summer months.  He’s out now buying tomato plants.  Now, it’s just a waiting time until June, when we can pick them!

Here are W and the hubs, planting some sunflower seeds in the garden before bedtime last night…more like W watching and serenading to us, her made up songs, while the hubs did the work.  🙂

Long hair, that I have yet to cut…EVER.  Maybe when she turns 3?


On another note, Lilly Pulitzer will be on Rue La La tomorrow morning, starting at 11am.  If you’re a fan, be near the computer close to the start time, because Lilly tends to go fast.  I’m a little disappointed, as I will be at my bible study, when the sale starts.  But I’m hoping there will be some choices left, when I arrive home.  At least I have my priorities straight.  If you haven’t received your free invitation to Rue La La, click here.  There are never any responsibilities to buy anything, ever, and it’s completely free.  Just great deals, on great designers!

Speaking of Lilly, I’ve got some items arriving here very soon, from the spring line.  Here are just some of my favorites, that will be here any day.  Can’t wait!

I’ve also ordered some much needed basics, like the Heather tanks and Mandy V-necks.
Oh, and some Lifeguard Press too.  Wish I could order that model’s legs…okay, whole body!!
Good luck shopping tomorrow morning!
Here’s hoping you find the item(s) you’ve been searching for, at a great price!

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Lilly Pulitzer on Rue La La

  1. I cannot believe you have tomatoes in JUNE! Lucky, lucky!!! 🙂 There's nothing better than a fresh garden tomato. I love them in tomato sandwiches with Vegenaise mayo and s&p. YUM!!! Oh, and with cukes and onions tossed in a vinegar/oil dressing. Happy!!

    The Lilly this year is so darn cute. I've bough a few things, and have my eyes on a few others. In fact, I received a little flyer in the mail yesterday in which one of the models was wearing the cutest Callahan shorts (yellow & white) and a tunic top. I MUST HAVE IT! I am completely obsessed with the Callahan shorts.

    Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

  2. We weren't so lucky here…lost power last night with the storms that moved through. Today is gorgeous though!

    Hope you're having a good day!

    I need to check on this sale on Rue…I need some Spring/Summer clothes!


  3. You've got some great goodies coming your way soon! Yay you:)

    I hope the LP sale is good. I was SO BUMMED today with the preppy plates on One Kings Lane. (you couldn't monogram. Only get ONE letter,blah!!)

    I love the long hair:)


  4. W's hair is precious!!! I have a class right when ruelala starts tomorrow and I contemeplated skipping but I'm going now and I'll see what they have when I get back at an hour later!

  5. We got the same bad storms last night, they were so loud they had me up for a while. Thankfully I didn't lose power either.

    Good luck with the tomatoes!

  6. Ashley….I just wanted to say thanks for posting the invites to Rue La La on your blog! I have been doing lots of shopping on there and just purchased an adorable Lilly bag that I cannot wait to carry!!!!!

    Thanks again!

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