Tuesday Trends: Kate Spade and Hunger Games

Today only, Kate Spade is having a surprise sale.  Items are flying off the site.  I checked back recently for a ring I was thinking about getting, and it was already gone.  I managed to get some pearl earrings and socks last night, $34 total.  I’m telling you, go check it out, it’s a great sale…especially if you’re looking for something in particular, for Valentine’s Day!
Kate Spade Pearl Earrings
I got these for only $19.  Unfortunately, they’re sold out now.
I like this one, mostly for its name.  Only $25.
Speaking of pearls, Miss Sarah Vickers has her own fashion blog now.  I’m in love with almost everything she wears.  Check her out!  While most of her outfits don’t exactly fit my budget (in my dream world), they’re great when thinking of outfit ideas.
I had a couple of people ask me which Tory Burch loafers I ended up going with, pink or gold.  Well, I ended up going with neither.  The 8s were too small, and the 9s were too large.  Wish they had half sizes, like they do in almost all their other shoes.  I’m a true 8.5 in Tory Burch.

Also, I received some emails pertaining to our move.  We’re staying in town, just looking for a larger house, to fit all the kiddos.  They each have their own room to sleep, but not enough room to play.  Honestly, I need a laundry room and playroom.  MUSTS in our next house!
Alright, back to The Hunger Games trilogy…another reason for my blogging absence last week.  These books are great!!  I’m in the last one, Mockingjay, and will be sad when it’s over, but cannot wait for the movie to come out.  They’re filming it right here in town.  So neat!  Have you read them yet?
Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Kate Spade and Hunger Games

  1. I read the first hunger games book in one day – i'm trying to hold off on reading the next two until spring break, but I'm not sure if I can wait that long! Glad you're back 🙂

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. They're filming in NC?! No way! I am so obsessed with those books, and it takes a really good book to get me to read! And Sarah Vickers has such cool style, didn't know she had a blog! Nothing left on Kate Spade for me either..have a good week!

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