Tuesday Trends: I’m Back!!

Tory Burch Flip Flops // Lilly Pulitzer Coozie // Nike Tempo Shorts (old, but similar HERE)
When the weather goes from this…
…to this…in a matter of days…
…it leads to lots of ear infections for the kiddos.
E had one on Thursday, right before we left.
L got one, while we were visiting the grandmothers.  That was an interesting doctor’s visit in southern Georgia.  Let’s just say this small town didn’t even have a Walgreen’s, let alone a normal “Minute Clinic.”
Aside from the children being sick, and surviving on little sleep, we made the most of our visit.
The weather on the way down was miserable, but then the clouds broke, and we didn’t see a drop of rain the entire time we were down there…it was warm and beautiful.  Definitely didn’t need to pack these…
 Nothing beats country home cooking.  I think I gained ten pounds while I was down there!
 The girls loved picking their grandmother’s flowers, and making pretend birthday cakes.
 Fun times in the swing!
Now that little L is walking (hallelujah!), he is cruising everywhere!  These are his daddy’s old overalls.
Little Lilly Shifts (old, but similar HERE)

All in all, it was a great trip, and I’m just thankful we still have my husband’s grandmothers to visit.  But boy, was I glad to be back in the Queen City yesterday.

And last night, I was happy in my cozy pjs, watching The Bachelor.  Good season so far!  Man, that Tierra – what a coo coo.  Isn’t it funny how the guys always seem drawn to the dramatic ones…every.single.season?  Kind of fishy to me.  Seems a little bit planned.  But I guess it does make for better television!

I will say that it’s so much more fun watching it with my girlfriends, like we did last week at my friend, Kristen’s.  She had an awesome food spread and made these Rossinis from Barefoot Contessa’s cookbook.  Glad we’re planning another Bachelor viewing next Monday!

I’m so sorry I was absent from the blogging world for so long!  To make up for it, I’ve got a giveaway that I’ll announce tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!  Enjoy your short work week!  I’m off to take the other two kiddos to get their ears checked.  At least the weather is back to beautiful again!

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: I’m Back!!

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love my grandparents' cooking, but I agree–I probably gain 10 pounds every time I eat all of their yummy food! Hope your kids feel better–the weather has been SO crazy!

  2. I'm so jealous of your Bachelor viewing parties. I'm sure, though, they just don't compare to me watching it on my couch with my husband snoring beside me. My Baby Girl has had a chronic ear infection since before Christmas. It definitely put a damper on our Holiday travels. She is a disaster when she's sick. We went back to the doctor…again…today to find out that her ear drum is partially ruptured because of it. Lovely. Hope your little ones are feeling better!

  3. Glad to see you back! Question for you: Did you buy your vintage t (jcrew) in a larger size than you need? It looks longer on you than the website seems to show. Very cute outfit you put together, by the way!

  4. How sweet your grandmothers are still around, I wish mine were and knew my children šŸ™‚ And by the way, my Kate Spade earrings arrived and I absolutely love them, I think I've worn them every single day!

    1. They're actually my husband's grandmothers, mine are deceased. But I totally agree with you, I'm grateful that the hubs has his grandmothers, but I wish mine were still here too! Glad you love the earrings! Wearing mine right now!!

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