Tuesday Trends: Houzz.com Help, Before Ebay…

My friend introduced me to Houzz.com this past weekend.  It’s like Pinterest, but more focused on house ideas.  Have y’all ever tried it out?  After painting our bathroom blue/gray, I wanted a new shower curtain, but couldn’t think of what would go with black/white tiles and blue/gray.  In comes the help of Houzz.com…
Now, I’m on the hunt for either of these…

These didn’t work for me, hopefully they will for you.  They’re currently on sale at Old Navy for $18.50.  Selling mine, brand new, with tags, for $18, with FREE SHIPPING.  Size 12.  Email me if you’re interested, sweetsouthernprep@gmail.com.

Chloe Sunglasses, CL2253 (product details)

I’m offering these up to you, before putting them on ebay…with FREE SHIPPING!  Comes with box, wipe and Chloe case.  I’ve only worn them a handful of times, and they’re pretty much brand new (no marks or scratches)!  Email me at sweetsouthernprep@gmail.com, if interested.

Happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Houzz.com Help, Before Ebay…

  1. Cute-You have some of the best taste!! Sometimes you can put in the colors of items or design on ebay and things will show up.

  2. Those sailboat shorts are a must have! I've come to think that every true prep owns a pair of those great shorts! I own the orange pair 🙂

    LOVE your blog!! I've enjoyed being a follower! Please take a look at mine sometime and please follow along! 🙂

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

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