Tuesday Trends: Happy New Year’s Eve!

Hello!  Hope y’all are having a great week!  We’re still in Georgia until Wednesday morning, so we’ll be celebrating a low-key New Year’s Eve here with my in-laws, sister-in-law, her husband, their baby and my husband’s grandmother.

Are any of you getting stir-crazy with little ones at home this week? I feel like the holidays always bring a fun rush of parties, events, etc., and then when the aftermath settles, we’re left with lots of toys, burnt out kiddos and a need for something new to do, before school starts back after New Year’s.  Mine don’t head back until next week, so I’ve been thinking of easy at-home activities to do with the children…

Cut Out Snowflakes
All you need are scissors and white paper.  We always cut out a ton of them, and then have a blizzard.  One child stands in the room, and the other child/children stand on chairs, holding the created snowflakes, and let the snowflakes fall on the child below.  Seems simple, but they love it.  Such cheap thrills!
When the kids cut and create their own, they don’t have to be nearly this intricate!  When you fold them, just make sure you tell them which side NOT to cut.
W’s Nightgown (old Mini Boden, but I LOVE these)
Pipe Cleaners
They may sound boring to you, but you’ll be surprised at how entertained your children will be with them.  Plus, they leave no mess, and if they make a mistake, you can always unwind them, and create something new.  W has enjoyed accessorizing her new Barbie dolls with them.  This Craft-All-Day Bucket would also be a fun option.
Make Snowmen
For your kiddos who love to play with glue…Have the circles, hat, nose, etc. all pre-cut, and let them glue all the pieces together to create their own snowmen on a piece of construction paper.  And if you trust your child with scissors, draw the pieces on construction paper, and have them cut the separate pieces out, then let them assemble and glue the pieces together to create their snowman.
My children love doing this, just make sure to refresh their water cup every so often, and rinse out their colors.  E tends to love using black and brown, but then she gets frustrated because all her colors end up brown too.  You’ll be surprised at how your little ones’ artwork will become little masterpieces.  And they’ll definitely want you to hang each and every one of them.  If you’re really wanting to savor their creative moments,  let them paint a work of art on canvas, let it dry, and then go back and have them put their handprint on top of their artwork somewhere.  These make great gifts for parents/grandparents too!  If you’re looking for an easier, no-mess option, try these and these.  This one is really cool too!
We get a variety pack of these every season, and they last forever.  Just be careful if you have toddlers around.  While your older children may know how to peel and stick, your younger ones may choke on pieces that fall from the table.  I know my girls would love this one and this one too.
Perfect for little minds!  Melissa & Doug ones are great, and high quality.
We also love these that come in packs of three.  They’re a little more challenging than the set featured above.
Memory is great one for ALL ages.  Here are a few of our kids’  favorites right now: Sorry!, Candyland and the Disney Dazzling Princess Game.  By the way, have y’all seen the newest version of Candyland?  No more card-flipping, only a spinner needed.  Speaking of spinners, I really need to get Twister again.  I think the kids would LOVE it!
I hope some of these activities help break up the day with your stir-crazy kiddos!
School will be back in session soon!
Has anyone taken advantage of all of these end-of-the-year sales?
Of course, J.Crew is forever having a sale on something.  They’re currently offering an additional 40% off sale items with code: SHOPHAPPY.  I picked up this Black Watch Plaid Top.  Can’t get enough of these button downs.  They’ll never go out of style, and look great under sweaters and even t-shirts, and I also love pairing them with a quilted vest.

Shopbop is currently offering an extra 25% off all sale items with code: EXTRAOFF25.  If you’ve had something on your wish list, now’s the time to grab it!  I’ll be perusing more today, while the kiddos nap.  There’s so much I’ve had my eye on lately!
Happy New Year’s Eve, Y’all!
I hope y’all have a wonderful SAFE evening, welcoming 2014!
It may just be your best year yet!  Here’s hoping!

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  1. No more Candyland cards?! No way! I might have to get that one. I got some Melissa and Doug food toys for Christmas that I'm excited to try out with my students (I'm a preschool SLP and went to school with Amy). Great suggestions!

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