Tuesday Trends: FREE Bella Baby Prints

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!  After bearing temperatures in the low 30s last week, would you believe it was in the 70s, yesterday?  After the girls’ naps and the hubs got home, we made the most of it and went on a wagon ride in E’s new Radio Flyer wagon she got for her birthday.  We also took wine in plastic cups, a “Sip and Stroll,” as I’ve always called it.  A perfect evening for it!


So my friends Tony and Katie just recently had a baby, and being the graphics designer that he is, Tony came up with these simple prints, while designing their daughter’s nursery…

Baby in Mountains, in Autumn

Baby at Beach

Baby with Dog

Aren’t they cute?  The best part is that he’ll customize the print however you’d like: the baby, scene and even add a dog if you’d like.  Basically, think of a special place or occasion you look forward to spending with your baby, and he’ll create it.  I’m thinking of getting him to make three, for each of the kiddos.  One of W, at the beach, one of E, in front of our home, and one with Baby L, sitting with Boozer (our Boston Terrier), at the Old Well.  I’m thinking these would make great, personalized baby gifts too!

Alright, onto the free stuff…Tony hasn’t created a way for you to order these yet, but he wants to start building an inventory.  So, the first TEN readers who email me at sweetsouthernprep@gmail.com, will get their very own Bella Baby Print FREE!  I’ll let you know when the maximum number of replyers has been reached.  Good luck!

This promotion has ended.  The recipients have been notified.
P.S. I may be the only Hart of Dixie viewer still out there.  Y’all, I actually really like it!  Anyway, if you did catch it last night, did y’all see that the mayor was wearing a Panthers jersey in that one scene?  It’s set in Bluebell, Alabama, and he wore a Carolina Panthers jersey.  GO PANTHERS!

After typing this, I just realized WHY he was probably wearing the jersey…Cam Newton (the #1 NFL draft pick), played at Auburn (they won the championship this year, by the way), and now he’s the quarterback for the Panthers.  Still cool though!

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  1. I think Hart of Dixie is so cute and I watch it weekly (with the CW app on my IPad, I just never am home on Monday nights to watch). I think its sweet and funny without being too sexual/brutal/crazy like so many other sitcoms on today. So you're not the only one left!

  2. I love Hart of Dixie! I was busy packing last night, so I got my parents to record it so I can watch it when I get home tonight! E and W look so cute on their wagon ride–I love their bows!

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