Tuesday Trends: Father’s Day Gifts, Bachelorette Re-Cap!

The hubs, with Little L, back in September.
There aren’t enough words to express my love for this guy, and ALL he has blessed me with in my life…so far!

Just a reminder, Father’s Day is THIS Sunday!  Some of you may have one gift to give, or some of you may be like me, and need to find three gifts, for my husband, my father and my father-in-law.  Well, thankfully, I’ve already got their gifts secured.  Unfortunately for y’all, I can’t share it because I know my dad reads my blog, and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.  I’ll let you know what I gave them next Monday.  And while my dad reads my blog, my husband doesn’t, so here are some other great gifts, some of which he’s getting, that may be the perfect gift for you!

First off, I know I posted about these pants this past Sunday, but Bonobos are the way to go.  The hubs will be getting two pairs for Father’s Day.  Want an even better deal than the one I proposed to you on Sunday?  Now, through June 25th, take $50 off your order of $100 or more, just click HERE.  It’s hard to choose the perfect color to get, so that’s why I went with two.

If you’re new to Bonobos, the Washed Chinos, Boot Cut style are their best sellers!

Another great gift is the soft cooler with wheels.  While we have a great hard cooler with wheels, we use it for trips, and it’s rather large.  A soft cooler is great to take on picnics, the pool or the beach.  Or if your man is into man-cations with his guy friends, this one holds 42-cans.

My Dad.  He looks like a natural.
My dad did this one last year and loved it!  We’ve got the Charlotte Motor Speedway here, where the Coca-Cola race takes place, along with others, including the Bank of America 500.  But if you’re close to a raceway, check into it and see if they offer driving experiences too.  Many of the larger raceways do, and deals usually come up all the time on Living Social and Groupons.
Do they have a favorite outdoor store they enjoy?  Get them a gift card there.  While it may not seem as personal as other gifts, I’m sure they’ll enjoy having an excuse to shop for something they’ve secretly been wanting.
A Well-Deserved Professional Massage
My husband is far from getting regular spa treatments, but I know he NEEDS a massage every once in awhile.  He won’t book an appointment, but if I get him a massage gift certificate, he always uses it, and enjoys the experience. Now if I could just talk him into getting a pedicure…
Date Night
All of my mommy readers have to agree, that sometimes the hubs feels left out.  After chasing your kids around all day, doing laundry and cleaning the house, once your hubs comes home, it’s hard to have time for alone time with just him.  Okay, and watching television together doesn’t count.  Guilty.
Do your husband a favor, and hire a babysitter and get out of the house.  Trust me, your husband will appreciate it, especially that you wanted to make time with JUST him.
And for all of you with fathers and no husbands, consider taking your dad out to a special meal.
He’ll love the thoughtfulness of such a sweet gesture.
And if you’re going with something simple and sweet, consider a framed pic of the two of you, or writing a special letter to your father/husband, maybe frame it too.  I know I always love my handwritten cards from my husband.  Just the fact that he sat down and thought of something to write to me makes it all worth it!  And save them in a safe place.  It’s fun to go back and read old letters too.
So what are you giving for Father’s Day?  Any cool, original ideas??
And you know I couldn’t leave y’all without my thoughts on last night’s Bachelorette.  I know a lot of you are still loving SEAN (I’m one of them), but I still kind of like “WOLF” too.  He seems really laid back, but not in an awkward shy kind of way.  CHRIS and TRAVIS are kind of melting away, and will probably get knocked out soon.  DOUG is okay.  He did stick up for her, and told her about what Kalon said, but he seems like her father figure, than husband material  JEFF seems like a decent guy, but every time I look at him, he looks fifteen!!  ARIE has changed.  At first he seemed debonair and really cool (I mean he’s a race car driver), but after last night, are y’all getting a kind of different vibe from him?  RYAN!  Oh my gosh!  Why is she keeping him around??  She even admitted last night that he’s a womanizer and that she’s falling for him!  Sounds like next week though he’s going to take a hit from her, and the other guys.  He’s not in it for Emily, it’s just another competition for him.  And last but not least, poor ALEJANDRO.  I mean, why did she keep him around for so long, and never take him on a one-on-one date to get to know him, only to drop him last night?  Oh yeah, I forgot KALON.  Yep, and that’s why…
Hope y’all have a wonderful Tuesday!
W had a great swimming lesson yesterday, amid the drizzle.  We may be dealing with the same weather today, too.  At least “piling on the sunscreen on three kids” can be left out of the morning swim routine line-up.  Looking for a positive here, ha.
And remember, my Stella & Dot giveaway ends tomorrow night.  Clear HERE if you haven’t entered yet.
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  1. 🙂 your mom has a blog?
    Why in the world portuguese guys don't use those colors? such lack of charm 🙂
    they would never be as cute as southern guys but at least they could wear orange jeans or so 😛

  2. I haven't watched this week's episode yet but I think Jef would be great for her IF she wasn't a mother. I just don't see him as a father/stepfather. Seems like a great guy but very young.

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