Tuesday Trends: Fall in Love with Lilly

Last year I wore bright colors well into September, before my hubs, of all people, told me it was time to switch out the wardrobe.  I keep my fall/winter wardrobe in the attic, and break it out once the weather starts getting cooler.  Well, last year, it didn’t start getting cooler until mid-October.  Needless to say, after I received that comment from the hubs (who normally could care less about what I wear, except that it must be conservative), I was surprised to hear his opinion on what I was wearing.  And you know what?  He was right.  I should have changed out my clothes by that point, but I was expecting E last November, so I felt that that was a good enough excuse to be a little late in changing out the wardrobe.

Well, a year has passed, and it’s almost fall again!  I’m still clinging on to my colorful clothes as long as I can, but I know very soon that they will soon have to go into hibernation until the spring.  That’s what I thought, until Lilly came out with their Fall line!  Although the colors are a bit more muted…with navy added in, you can still sport some bright colors, weaved into that navy.  That’s always a plus in my book.  And this year, I may keep out some bright pieces that can be hidden with navy, brown and black cardigans, as well.  Here’s to making my fall and winter a little brighter!

And you knew I had to show you some of my favorites from Lilly’s Fall line…

Jonah Dress in Don’t Be Koi

Blayney Ruffle Dress in Multi Curves
Sophia Dress in Punch Pink
A little low resolution.  It’s not on the Lilly website anymore, for some reason.
I thought this would be perfect for the Christmas season.
The back has a low scoop.
Sadie Dress
Norma Fleece Wrap Stripe
Shayna Dress in Black Lace
Simone Sweater in Pink

Do you have any Fall favorites, or other Fall lines that have caught your eye?  Under the Palm Tree, a via Lilly store, has a promotion still going, 30% off of the new Fall Lilly line.  And even if they don’t carry your dress, you can still special order it, and receive the same promo.  You know that I took advantage!  Well, I do need some more fall/winter dresses for occasions this year….don’t we all?

Now if I could just get Lilly to send some freebies my way to try on and review for you, I would be all set!


P.S. Is Katie Holmes still not as young and beautiful as ever?  She’s modeling for J.Crew’s Fall Line here.

19 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Fall in Love with Lilly

  1. I love the fall Lilly, too. From your comment on my blog… I used to watch Gossip Girl all the time, but in the middle of last season Brendan finally decided that he'd had enough of it. I want to try and catch up before the new season so I can watch it again! I guess we really do have a lot in common.

  2. Katie looks fabulous in the J.Crew ads! Sometimes she looks like a complete mess, but she looks gorg there. I am so excited for fall fashions…everything is amazing!


  3. Being a Lilly newbie I'm excited that I will still be able to wear it into autumn (my fav season) I like the Jonah Dress in Don't Be Koi above and the black dress loks really sweet!!HHL

  4. I couldn't agree more! Kati Holmes seems to get prettier and more elegant every year. She looks amazing in these photos. And that Norma fleece is adorable! I want one!


  5. Love the pink fleece and have been a fan of Katie Holmes' since her Dawson Creek days. I'll take one of everything pictured here, please! Great picks!

  6. Lady, I'm just LOVING the fall Lilly – I think weaving bright colors through navy is just fantastic. Really, I should be trying that with my non-Lilly pieces as well. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us!

  7. I got the Jonah 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! Its nice and thick fabric and adorable details so I really think its going to be amazing in the fall/winter!!!
    Did you order from UTPT??? All these deals are making me broke but I will be well dressed!!!

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