Tuesday Trends: Camping and FlyWheel Deal

Two weeks ago, y’all may remember me telling you about a camping trip that W went on, with her daddy, her Grandaddy (my dad) and her Poppy (my father-in-law).  She had seriously been looking forward to this camp-out for over two months – more excited about it than any Easter or Christmas holiday.  I’m not kidding.  And boy, did it deliver!  She had a mental list (that I thoughtfully transcribed for the hubs), and he managed to knock it all out.  Just a few must-haves she wanted for the trip:  sleeping bag, flashlight, tent, fishing, campfire, s’mores, starry night, etc.  She caught her first fish, on her first cast might I add, but I think her favorite part was riding around on my dad’s mule (an ATV/golf cart hybrid)…even getting to drive it all by herself!  She even told her dad that she wanted to go to bed (he said it was around 9), and that she slept the entire night in her sleeping bag.  Such a trooper!
Here are some great photos the hubs took.  I was rather impressed…except he didn’t manage to get a photo of the both of them together.  There’s always next time…

W, with my dad (her Grandaddy)
Her first fish!
My dad’s whopper!!
W, chatting it up with her Poppy (my father-in-law)
The hubs’ truck – he said he took a pic of it because it looked like an ad.  Oh, men!
Campfire success!  The hubs said she still made herself a miniature one.
Yummmm, s’mores!
W’s favorite – getting to drive the mule!
And a champions breakfast – pancakes and fruit punch!

For all you active Charlotte moms out there,

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Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!
P.S. Went to Babies R’ Us this morning and loaded up on these for L…

The Plum brand is 10 for $10 right now, and Babies R’ Us has a deal on their brand, 6 for $8.  Needless to say, I stocked up!  And the best part?  No more spoons.  Anything to make feeding time easier and quicker, sounds good to me!  And he sucks them down!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Camping and FlyWheel Deal

  1. I love W's pink bow and adorable little pink boots! What a great camping trip she must have had with all the men!


  2. What a fun memory and she is stylin' and profilin' in that sweet Tar Heel hat and hot pink Hunter boots! xo

  3. Life seems so much fun! 🙂 She's a little country girl having the best of the times! She'll remember it for sure, i would!

  4. What a great trip! Stella and Alton plan to do this in the next few weeks too! However, I cannot imagine that Stella is going to look as put together as W does! I mean, super "glamping" in her pink hunter boots and matching bow! I am impressed!) Your hubby sure knows how to keep her looking like a lady while exploring the woods! ;0)LOVE!

  5. these pictures are awesome!!! she is so adorable, and i'm sure she made such special memories. and love her pink boots and hair bow, out in the woods! precious times!

  6. What a fun time for W and the men in her life.
    And your hubs is right that does look like a picture from an ad.

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