Tuesday Trends: Cameras

I finally got a new camera yesterday, a Canon Rebel DSLR XS!  Yay!  So get ready for some better picture-taking….hopefully!  Thanks to everyone for all the advice.  There are just so many different cameras out there, I had to make sure I got the right one, and I think I definitely did.  Here are some pictures from this past weekend…before the new camera.  The ones of the individual daughters in their baptism dresses are from the new camera.  Can’t you tell the huge difference in quality?  I hope so.  And I hope next weekend is just as beautiful as this past one.

The bride, Ashley, and myself (best friends since elementary school)
at the Bridesmaid Luncheon
All the bridesmaids (L to R):
Mimi, Sara, the bride, Kenan, and myself
In case you’re wondering, my dress is the Lilly Pulitzer Twyla dress, found here.  
But I found it a lot cheaper somewhere else, thank goodness!
The bride and groom-to-be at the rehearsal practice
The groom’s cake at the Rehearsal Dinner, and yes, it was red velvet (very Steel Magnolias I must say, although thank goodness it wasn’t an armadillo!)
Chris was very surprised!  In addition to the cake, there were cannollis and tiramisu.  It’s a wonder I fit into my bridesmaid dress the next day!  I’ll post wedding day pics as soon as the bride sends them out.
It was a beautiful wedding!
Early the next morning, the girls were baptized at church, followed by a brunch at our home filled with lots of family!  We were so blessed to have so much of our family there.  
Sunday was definitely a “doubly” special day!
Playing around, at the house.
W, growing up way too fast!
And E too!  
LOVE this picture of her!  
Can’t wait to make it black and white, frame it,
and put it in her nursery.
They were so sweet during the baptism service.  They sat quietly on the front row, the entire hour-long service, like little angels.  The Lord was definitely quieting them that day.
I know L especially appreciated the peacefulness.
Yes, my weekend was eventful, but very fun!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Cameras

  1. Love the pics! Your camera is awesome… I almost want to sell mine and buy a newer model. I'm going to think about it. Yes, April 9th will be good! I'm excited! Sorry about your computer…I got my 30% off thing in the mail though. Love you!

  2. yay! i'm glad you got that camera. you're going to love it. the pics are great! and you are right. they were SO PERFECT during the service. and it was so fun to be there! and fun to see the pre-game pics from the wedding too of course. i want a cannolli!!!!

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