Tuesday Trends: Brake Ink Giveaway

I may be jinxing myself now, but W is well again, and heading back to school today.  After four days of staying at home, tending to her, I get a day to finally run some errands, and try to catch back up on everything! I’m in charge of E’s Easter party tomorrow at school, so a Target run will be necessary.  I’ve got to get some treats to make for her class.
Alright, I know, I know, now on to the details of the awesome giveaway!  First off, I’d like to introduce y’all to Brake Ink, a custom illustrated paper studio located in Washington, DC. featuring original artwork by Elizabeth Brakebill.  They specialize in custom watercolor and ink designs that can be transformed into all of your favorite paper products.
Combining a love for art and design with a weakness for all things paper, Brake Ink aims to bring a unique delight to all your special occasions.  Their specialty is custom creations so they encourage their customers to bring their creativity and help design a one-of-a-kind correspondence unlike any other.
Couldn’t leave out a photo of Gladys, their company mascot and perennial morale booster.
Here’s what all Brake Ink has to offer…
 Baby Gift Tags, Invitations and Stationery
 Kids Stationery, Invitations, Gift and Luggage Tags
 Brake Ink Home Design
I think this is so cool!
“We will transform a photo of your home into an original pen & ink or watercolor design which can be framed as a keepsake or given as a birthday or holiday gift!  Moving?  Your Brake Ink Home Design will help spread the word as the designs are perfect for moving announcements and return address labels!”

Custom Watercolor and Ink Designs
Perfect idea for a very original Christmas card.

Another perk?
If you have an idea for a design that’s not on their site, let them know what you have in mind, and they’ll do their best to create it for you.  Just fill out the form HERE.  Love those crabs pictured above!
How sweet are these gift tags Elizabeth made for myself and the kiddos.  I enlarged them for the post, but they’re about the size of a business card.  I can’t wait to add them to the next gift I wrap.  I feel like this time of year, W and E have a party to attend every weekend.  It’s so easy to have these tags to attach to their gifts, instead of having to include a card every time.  Especially if we’re in a hurry (which we usually are), I just tape one of these to the gift, and we’re ready to go!
Brake Ink has an array of fonts and pictures to choose from.
I love W’s little ballet slippers on hers (and she does too!).
The bright colors really make their gift tags pop, in addition to the clean and crisp lines on her artwork.
The quality of the paper they’re printed on is very sturdy card stock.
I have to admit, this one for little V is my favorite!  Love the acoustic guitar graphic here.
Here are more of my favorites…
I know it’s already March, but get yourself one of their cute 2013 Desk Calendars.  Only $7!
And now onto the best part, the giveaway!  Brake Ink has generously offered to give one lucky SSP reader a $65 credit to use on whatever they choose, from their site!  $65 will go a long way.  A few options?  A 50-Card Stationery Set, a Kid/Baby Bundle (which includes a 25-card stationery set, 25 gift tags, and 3 luggage tags), a set of 25 Personalized Invitations, etc.
Here are the many ways you can enter the Brake Ink giveaway:
1 Entry:  Let me know you’re a follower.
Extra Entry: “Like” Brake Ink on Facebook
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Extra Entry:  Share this giveaway (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (be sure and tag me: @sweetsouthernprep), etc.) Make sure to tell me your name on Twitter. Mine is @SweetSouthPrep.
Also, you’ll receive an extra entry each time someone refers you in their comments, about how they found out about the giveaway (I’ll keep track of this.).  Endless entries!
Please let me know in ONE comment, how many entries you get.  The easiest way would be to list it on your comment, 1., 2., 3., etc in one comment box.  That would help organize it for me a great deal.  There are lots of ways to get extra entries.  The giveaway will end on Sunday, March 31st, at midnight, and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Monday, April 1st (no fooling around!).
Good luck, y’all!  And thanks again for reading!

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  9. I bought those TB sandals and love them. Got them in black b/c they kind of reminded me of the iconic Chanel gardenia. Love, love, love!

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