Tuesday Trends: Bracketology

Many of you may not be into college basketball and March Madness, so I apologize ahead of time for this post.  Since I went to Carolina, I kind of happen to be a lover of this time of the year!  Have you finished your bracket yet?  I have Kansas winning it all.  Carolina will be playing in my hometown this weekend, as well as Georgia (my hubs’ parents’ alma mater).  We’re hoping my husband’s cousin (the Associate Athletic Director at Georgia) can hook us up with some tickets for the games.  Either way, I’ll be watching it!  Clemson (my mom’s alma mater) also plays in one of the play-in games, so we’ll be excited to watch that game too!  Who do y’all cheer for?  I hope they win, unless you went to Long Island University, because Carolina will dominate that game.  GO HEELS!

On another note, did you watch The Bachelor last night?  I’m so glad Brad chose Emily, but I think her wanting to hold off on the wedding was smart.  He must have some kind of a temper.  I think she’s got a great family too, because they talked her out of the whole “let’s get married in Anguilla, before even knowing the real guy” idea.  Smart family and smart girl.  My only question is that if she’s so smart and level-headed, why the heck did she go on the show in the first place?!  Just my thoughts.  Also, in case you hadn’t heard, Ashley, the dentist, will be the next Bachelorette.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be watching that one…(airing begins at the end of May).  Will you plan on watching it?
P.S. I loved the fact that she said that she would have been viewed differently, like as the “fun” girl, if she had had the chance to go diving with sharks and on the zipline too.  I couldn’t have agreed more!  It wasn’t her fault she had to go on picnics every single date, and how much fun is ANOTHER helicopter ride.  The whole, “c’mon, ring a bell in my ear already” comment was hilarious!

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19 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Bracketology

  1. GREAT post!

    First of all, I'm a Duke fan. (sorry):) And yes, I have my bracket all filled out. I am going all the way with my Blue Devils. I have Pittsburgh and Duke in the final game…though I think it might be Ohio St. and Duke. One can wish!!! (I DID win the ACC bracket at work!!!) Nothing like March Madness in NC!!!

    I was so excited he picked Emily. The after the rose show was confusing. I kinda' wish I hadn't watched it. The proposal was great but the show was a let down. At first I thought she had changed her feelings….but towards the end she seemed crazy about him again…ugh!! Who knows…..but it sure was fun to watch this season!

  2. I bet you'll be surprised at the March Madness Maidens that pop up! We're a NC State Family, but my father-in-law went to med school at Duke (sorry!). I believe in cheering on our ACC teams no matter who it is until Duke and UNC battle it out. 🙂

  3. I also wanted Emily to win!!! I posted it on my blog last night! Haha. I do not know how I feel about them after watching "After the Final Rose" last night. That has to be terribly awkward not having seen each other for six weeks and then the first time you're together is on live television!


  4. Go HEELS!!! My husband is a huge fan and we recently went to a game at UNC and now I have extremely gotten into it. Love your post.

  5. Tar Heels all the way!! We will be watching. I am excited Brad choose Emily, but I can't see her moving out of Charlotte. She has great family support here. I just can't imagine her moving her daughter away from the Hendrick family.

  6. I am a Duke fan! (Sorry.) I was glad he chose Emily. I worry though that they seem to have communication problems… I thought her hair looked really good at the After the Final Rose show. (Obviously both women are gorgeous.)

  7. I'm obviously an Illini fan… because I go there. And as much as I want us to win it all, I know we won't! We've blown far too many leads & even if we end up winning the first game against UNVL, Kansas is going to smoke us. I've also got Kansas winning it all! But my brackets aren't done quite yet!

  8. I was SO glad he chose Emily. I had been rooting for her since the beginning. I thought it was great that they had former "Bachelor/Bachelorette" couples on to give them so advice. I really hope they work out.

  9. I loved emily and i think she is a strong woman and is not going to let brad walk all over her with his sweet words. with that said I do love brad and I think he truly does love her so I wish them the best! Go gators since our tigers aren;t even in it!

  10. This is one of my favorite times of year! Love March Madness! I'm rooting for the University of Memphis Tigers 🙂

    And I totally agree with your comment that if Emily was so smart and level-headed then why did she go on The Bachelor in the first place!

  11. yeah, i don't know why she did the show either! (i didn't even watch, but i did read about her since she was from NC…seems precious) and one more thing…

    GO HEELS!!!

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