Tuesday Trends: Books

Right now I’m reading Rattled.  It’s a great book.  To read more about it, click HERE.  Also, I loved Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay, so I bought these a little while ago, and plan to read them too. 

Any opinions on these books?  
Or any suggestions on others?
Okay, so I’m a little frustrated with Blogger today.  I have been trying forever to upload my personal pics from this past weekend, and I am not having any luck.  🙁  Maybe I’ll have them up for tomorrow’s post.  Still working on it.  Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Books

  1. I had issues uploading pics today, too. It finally worked, so I don't know what was wrong. The books sound fabulous! I don't really like reading to begin with and I never make time for leisure reading. Have fun reading them!

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