Tuesday Trends: Birthday Pics

My 30th was a lot of fun!  Even if I had a cold, having all of my sisters there to help me celebrate, meant a lot!  Here are more photos from the party:

 W, E and their cousin (15 months)

 Subtly pulling E’s hair – poor E did not like it one bit.

 Perfecting her singing voice on Wii Karaoke

The hubs and I

 Two of my sisters, myself and one of our double-first cousins
(My dad’s brother married my mom’s sister – that’s why he’s our double-first cousin.)

Trying not to burn E’s face, blowing out all thirty candles – and yes, I did it in one breath!

 My parents.

The sisters.

Attacking the cake.

Hope y’all have a fabulous Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Birthday Pics

  1. Okay those first pictures are cracking me up! Anna's W is hilarious!

    Y'alls kids are just cute as can be! Again Happy Belated Birthday!

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