Tuesday Trends: Beach Essentials

Hey Y’all!  So I normally don’t re-post, but since I won’t be heading to the beach for our usual Memorial Day Beach Weekend (I’ll be at my sister’s wedding this year), I figured I’d pull out an old post from last year, posted the week before Memorial Day weekend.  For all of you lucky enough to be traveling to the beach this Memorial Day, or even this summer, enjoy!

Previous Post (from May 2011):  Well, we’re off to the beach for the long weekend.  I’m hoping we didn’t leave anything.  I always consider this my trial run, since it’s the shorter of the beach trips we’ll be taking this summer, and if anything is forgotten, at least it will prepare me for the longer beach trips later on.  If any of y’all are headed to the beach, as well, I thought I’d prepare a list of beach essentials that are important for any beach trip!  Plus, getting my list together made me get more organized for packing, which is always a huge plus!  If I’ve left anything out, let me know!  I already realized I forgot to include a photo of my camera, beach toys, hat and iPad.  Anything else?

Bathing suits for the whole family, life jackets for the boat and swim diapers for E.
Sandals and flip flops…to be broken in 😉
And running shoes, if feeling motivated enough.
Croakies, Kindle, Magazines, Books, Sunglasses, Crackberry, Aloe, Suntan Lotion
Water, Lipgloss, Polish and plenty of DVDs for the road trip!
Matching dresses for each night.
Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Beach Essentials

  1. All of your beach essentials are great! I love the matching dresses too! Have fun at the wedding! Congrats to the future newlyweds!

  2. I see all my favorite things! Monogrammed tote, True Prep, Town and Country, Vineyard Vines, Sam Edelman sandals, Jack Rogers, and Kindle!!!


  3. I love your selection of reading materials – it's exactly what I would take! The girls' matching dresses are just too cute, by the way.


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