Tuesday Trends: Sibling Love & Tucker + Tate

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On Wheeler: Leopard Booties (Wheeler wears a 12/EU30) // Sparkle Denim Leggings // Bunny Print Jacquard Sweater (not itchy at all, 100% cotton)
On Effie: Hot Pink Booties (Effie wears an 11.5/EU29) // Grey Kitty Leggings // Pink Scarf (super soft and only $16) // Grey Lace Trim Top
How cute are the girls’ outfits?  I seriously wish Wheeler’s leopard booties came in my size!  While we don’t get a chance to go shopping that often, when we do, we usually head to Nordstrom because it has such a wide variety of designers and styles.   Check out one of our past shopping trips to Nordstrom here.  Tucker + Tate was what we were on the hunt for this time.
You may remember Logan and Vaughn’s “Boozer” PJs shown above, from a previous post.  These were on sale during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale this summer, and have since sold out, but they were by Tucker+Tate too.  Back to the girls, it’s always super easy to find outfits for them.  Okay, I’m a little biased because I think anything looks cute on them, but everything they tried on by Tucker + Tate at Nordstrom looked adorable on them, and the prices were hard to pass up.  We really could’ve taken even more home with us that day.  Effie really liked this T+T Polka Dot Tunic Top and Bunny Tee too, but she ended up choosing the lace top because “It has a pretty skirt on the shirt, Mama!”  I’m thinking about going back and ordering the others now too though, since they’re on sale…and probably this Dino Tee for Logan.  Remember that Nordstrom always offers free shipping and free returns.
Not quite sure why Logan and Vaughn were crawling.  Maybe because she couldn’t fit them in?  Either way, too cute!
All ears, listening to their daddy read them a story.
Seriously though, anything the girls do together is a win for them!  Wheeler cannot get through a day of school without thinking of Effie.  When she gets picked up at carpool, it’s “Oh Effie, you would’ve loved this activity…” or “When we were reading this story, I knew you would’ve loved it too, Effie!”  Then again, she talks about her brothers like this too.  Like “Logan, you would’ve loved the puzzle I did today at school! It was a TRAIN puzzle!”  Wheeler’s always had a sweet, thoughtful personality.  Such a strong sense of love for her family and wanting to stay connected so much.  When she was in preschool, I swear every picture she brought home from school had a pic of her and Effie doing something together.
Most recently, Wheeler’s been talking with me about not wanting to leave to go be a mother one day.  And how even when she has to go to college, she’s going to live at home with me.  And “Mama, do I have to leave you to get married?  I really don’t want to.”  I have never talked about this with her.  She’s 6?!  And definitely doesn’t need to be thinking that far ahead, but that’s just her little personality.  Always thinking, daydreaming, deep in thought, a vivid imagination with lots of questions.  Love that about her.  Effie is just as affectionate toward her sister and brothers.  Always the eager helper…just ask her teachers at school.  During the first few weeks of school they couldn’t figure out why she was following them around so much, until they realized she wanted to help them…with everything.  She’s definitely a little mini-mom at home, that’s for sure.  And I love it!
Sometimes it’s hard because while the girls usually get along so well, now that Wheeler is in school for such a long time during the day, she doesn’t take a nap like Effie does, and sometimes her temper is a little shorter after school because she’s so worn out and Effie’s ready to play!  It’s hard to explain that to Effie who just wants to hang with her big sister, but sometimes we have to let Wheeler have her “privacy” and down time after school.  And when she’s ready (about ten minutes down time) she’s ready to play.  That has helped a lot.  Next year, Wheeler and Effie will attend the same school and will only be a grade apart, so that’ll help that they’ll be on the same schedule.  Growing up with five younger sisters, I know the importance of having that strong, loving bond with siblings.  And I pray constantly that my children continue to stay this close and look out for one another as much as they do now.
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions and outfit choices are my own.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Sibling Love & Tucker + Tate

  1. I had to have some chats with my stepson this weekend because Ford just wanted to play with him, talk to him, sit on his lap…etc and he wasn't in the mood and I had to explain that little kids just don't understand that sometime and if he communicated that he just needed 10 minutes it would be fine. Your kids are so sweet!

  2. Your kids are so sweet! A strong sibling bond is one of my greatest wishes for my kids. Luckily, it seems to be built in for my toddler twin boys, and they are so far enamored with their baby brother.

  3. I noticed the same thing when my son started kindergarten. My little guy would miss him all day but my older son would be so exhausted by the time he arrived home that there was lots of head butting. Do you notice you and Wheeler have similar personalities both being the oldest? Also did you see they have a sweater that matches the boys' pjs?

    1. Wheeler is more like Lanier (he's the oldest in his family too). Effie is more like me. 🙂 If Wheeler wasn't taller, people would assume Effie was the oldest. Very extroverted and talkative.

      And I didn't see that. Going to check it out now. Thanks!

  4. My daughter is 4 1/2 and for some reason is terrified at the idea of leaving us and going to college?? I wish I could explain to her how she will really feel when the time does come 🙂

  5. Tucker and Tate is one of my favorites for both my son and daughter! Great quality, design and prices. Thanks for sharing! Your kiddos are adorable:)

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